After the tiring experience with the stray throwing and squashing his “buns” all over the house, I was hit with another dilemma. Mama Jess and the kitties were all screaming and crying continuously the next morning. I thought all of them have gone psychotic overnight due to being haunted byRead More →

Can you still remember the outcry for justice against animal abuse when someone posted up a video in YouTube of the army personnel throwing a baby woofy into a ravine? They denied the fact that it was a real puppy but a toy dog. I just could not believe thatRead More →

I was in the midst of cleaning up the house when I heard a sharp crying meow coming from the door. I thought I accidentally locked one of my kittens out from the house but I was wrong. I counted the kittens and there were four of them alright. OutRead More →

I have observed that all the kittens are beginning to have that curiosity power building up rather swiftly since the last few days. Janice has the greatest observance power since she is the eldest in the J Family. I caught her doing the following actions yesterday evening. I always thoughtRead More →

This week’s theme is on I SPY.We are supposed to shoot something hidden to let the members find.Well, I had a good shot taken few weeks agowhich is very relevant to this week’s theme.I SPY something which is real important in some of our lives.Can you find it?Good Luck!(You canRead More →

There are some new highlights this week around the CATSOPHERE. In case you are not aware that there is a cat community who share their cat news every Tuesday, you should sign up with CATS ON TUESDAY. This project is the brainchild of Gattina who owns two lovely cats, ArthurRead More →