Jayson finally got “kicked out” from the vet’s about 2 hours ago. It was the worst cat case experiences in their service years. Sweat~ Well, to make matters worse, 2 out of 3 persons who tried to handle him during medication time today were injured. One with a deep scratch on the thumb and another with a deep bite on the finger. I guess we should send them some healing purrs for a speedy recovery although their treatments  might have been added into the high medical bill. Hmmm… I wonder. What amazed me was how tame he was to let me bathe his super stinky body without even screaming for help. He just stood there quietly to let me scrub his whole body without any fuss… while giving me that cosmic eyes of gratitude. It was a touching sight.


Eventually after the warm bath, he immediately dried himself off and
straight went into his clean warm basket for a nice rest. His trauma was
over at last and now he can sleep soundly without any disturbances from the barking dogs in the darkness.


It was a horrifying experience for Jayson during these 5 days at the vet’s. Now he can just laze himself anywhere he wanted without worrying about being “tortured”. It was hell indeed for him (so were the vets) but he was given the second chance to live on. Let’s hope he’ll make the best out of his life by being the wonderful cat I have in the family.


Thank you everyone for your support, well wishes and prayers during my stressful period. It helps… Jayson is now healthily alive. šŸ™‚


  1. This is great news. About Jayson. Not about the injured vet employees. We're glad he's home and hope he will get lots of rest. We know he'll get lots of attention.

  2. Wow, I guess Jayson really made a name for himself at the vets! I am glad he is home and I hope the vet humans' wounds heal quickly!

  3. So glad to hear Jayson is finally relaxing at home. Purrrrrrss that he stays recovered from his problems.

    We guess we'll send some purrrrss to the vet (techs?), but really, we think they should know a little better what they are doing.

  4. We are so happy Jayson is home and doing better, Criz.

    'Kaika and Trudy

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