VISITOR01 I was in the midst of cleaning up the house when I heard a sharp crying meow coming from the door. I thought I accidentally locked one of my kittens out from the house but I was wrong. I counted the kittens and there were four of them alright. Out of curiosity, I went to check out the cry and found a pair of poor looking eyes staring at me. OMG! One of the stray kittens whom I had fed late last year came back to my house. He was real thin, hungry and looked kind of exhausted. All these while, I thought he was dead as the whole family disappeared without trace since early this year. My neighborhood is a danger zone for these kittens as it was full of crazy dogs roaming the streets each night prowling on helpless kittens, or even frail looking human. As I was running into the kitchen to get a dish of clean water and some food for the poor kitten, Jess and Janice beat me to the door. I paused awhile to see what they are up to. I was shocked to see what Jess did. She literally shooed the kitten away. Well, I would not blame her too as he had already sacrificed some of her milk for Jeremy, another stray, who came in not long ago. In fact, she would be dead if she had another kitten fighting to be fed occasionally. Here are some of the captions which I presumed were in the mind of Jess.  VISITOR02  VISITOR03  VISITOR04 The poor kitten was in fear with Jess’s hissing and decided to run away again. Luckily I was fast enough to stop him and fed him with the food that I had prepared. He happily gobbled down the food as if he had not eaten for days, drank all the water and happily went to a corner of my patio to clean up. I am sure he will be there for the next meal and a few meals thereon. I do not think it will be within my means to adopt another one into the family. Compassion is one thing but the growing up of the four kittens and two cats are already quite stressful for me with the amount of food consume tripled and the cleaning up of the mess they have created during this playful period is a headache. Sending him off for adoption through the local SPCA would not help much as there are over supply of kittens around the neighborhood. What would you do if you were in my shoe? Any suggestion?


  1. You seem to have made a Cat Haven for all those cute little creatures. I hope the stray hasn’t gone too far,… he seems to know a good heart when he sees one. Have a good week.

  2. Seeing so many kittens make me very heartbeating~~~~ So so cute babies~~~~~ Must have very athelic world~~

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