SHIT01 If you have read my previous post on “A Surprise Visit”, you would have known that I have a stray kitten (in fact two, another came later) knocking at my door for some food and water. Somehow or other, one managed to secretly come into my house and hid under my storage rack without my knowledge. I did hear Mama Jess giving out a weird loud cry that night but I thought it was normal as she will usually scold the brats for being too playful in messing up the place. The next morning I had a surprise. Someone gave me a complimentary “bun” as breakfast on my sofa. I have to force myself to accept that “bun” with a kitchen towel. Well, it ended up in a “bowl” of course… the toilet bowl! I looked around but found all the kitties innocently tucked in their bed. Who was the culprit then? It was a mystery!  SHIT02 I went on with my daily routine of feeding the kitties and my fishes before continuing with my work. Then I heard some hissing coming from my cupboard behind. I stood up and went to inspect, only to find two more complimentary “buns” there. Janice was there looking at me with her usual pathetic looking eyes. Humph!! How nice of her to give me two “buns” at such a strategic place! But wait! How could a small girl with such a small tummy produce two “buns”? This time, these are corns and raisins “buns”? It is getting to be real weird now. What else can I do except to fill those up in my bowl again?  SHIT03 After the tedious cleaning and wiping with anti odor and bacteria solution, it was almost the kitties’ dinner time. I filled up their bowls with food and water and continue with my work. Suddenly, I heard my kitties hissed nonstop and some came scrambling at me as if something bad had happened. I rushed to where the dinner was and saw Mama Jess hissing loudly at Jayson. Wait! That is not Jayson! Jayson has not grown to be that big yet. Gosh! That stray earlier had invaded the privacy of my kitties! With the help of my two friends, I tried to capture him and bring him outside where he should be but he ran and hid under my storage rack for hours. We waited until he came out and chased him out of the house. He created a great mess in the process with his stool sprawled everywhere due to fright. The whole house stunk like hell! I had to wipe and clean and mop the whole place until I was out of energy. As I sat on the floor for some rest, I looked at Janice and asked her why she did not inform me of the intruder. She just sat there with a pair of frightened eyes and gave me another answer as the photo below…LOL. I asked myself, did we just have a communication breakdown here? Only God knows… Haha! 😛  SHIT04


  1. Poor little stray kitty, I hope he finds a home. But you are very right, he should not be in your house like that. If he has not been vaccinated, he could pass along illnesses!

  2. It is a good thing the kittens are older or the intruder might’ve killed them. Bless your heart, I would hate to clean those “buns” and you feel so sorry for the stray. You hate to see anything want for food and shelter but it is not safe to be in your house with your healthy cats right now.

  3. That’s very sad but I suppose you couldn’t bring it to an animal shelter otherwise you would have done it.

  4. Poor kitties. We sure hope they find out where they are supposed to live. Somebody is waiting to love them.

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