CATMAG03 There are some new highlights this week around the CATSOPHERE. In case you are not aware that there is a cat community who share their cat news every Tuesday, you should sign up with CATS ON TUESDAY. This project is the brainchild of Gattina who owns two lovely cats, Arthur and Rosie. Just click on the logo below and you will be a step closer to becoming a member. CATSTUESDAYLOGO144 Summer is already here for certain countries and you will be seeing lots of new blooms and wildlife coming back into the place. Do check out Gandalf & Grayson’s site where they are enjoying the nice view of geese coming back into the swamp area. The loud honking geese are cute to look at but would you wet your paws to give them a warm welcome? It has been known that becoming a model is rather tough. Can you imagine the amount of time spent in grooming and involving in hours of photo shooting? Hop over to Adan * Michico to read more on how Adan became a model for the day. Will he become the next star in the CATSOPHERE? Check it out yourself! Human are hard to please most of the time. What would you do to please them? Do you need to look cute all the time or you just need to get them into stitches on and off? Well, Janice managed to get me laughing at how she sleeps last few days. I do not know how she managed to creep into that facial steamer container placed so high up at my toiletries rack and slept in it for hours. She is definitely cute in my eyes. What about you? Photobucket Having a place with lots of animals can be fascinating but how would you get your cats and dogs to become friends? Deana managed to get her woofies to make friend with her other furry balls. Check out how those friends spend their time together. They even went fishing together… I wondered if they caught any fish yet… hehe 😛


  1. Oah My God!!
    I am on the cover!!!
    You are so creative~~~
    Thank you for let me having this chance, hehehe~!
    Tomorrow you could see my baby brother :>

  2. Janice does look sweet. Au could do with a steam. His ears are BLACK. He’s been digging in the garden and rolling under the car.

  3. Hello, Malaysia! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed Ragpuff.

    Cats on Tuesdays is fun. I’ve been ill for a while and just getting back on my feet. I’ve missed out on a lot of cat love and adventures.

    You have the most amazing site! Wow! I like your magazine covers…and you “J” kitties. They’re adorable.

  4. Wow, your magazine cover is a master piece ! Really very nice and your little devil sleeping in that mask is just too funny ! I know that cats have really special sleeping places but in a mask I haven’t seen yet, lol ! BTW Rosie and Arthur share me with 3 other cats, Lisa (17) Pookie (9) and Kim (the autist cat 8) makes 5 ! I am the “old cat lady” in the street, lol !

  5. Wow, we’re featured on the cover? That’s very nice!

    Janice is looking quite lovely after her facial and a nap!

  6. You have enormous talent and creativity. I love the way you make us look like we are part of a magazine. It is always entertaining to come visit you here. Thanks so much for including me and my guys, you’re a great friend! And Talent!


  7. That is a funny place to sleep! I like to model, but if I am not in the mood, then my Mommie does not make me. My job is to have fun, all the time!

  8. I like Cats On Tuesday.

    Again, another amazing edition of Catosphere Magazine!!

  9. Wow, your magazine cover is great!!!

    Janice in the steamer is sooo cute. What a funny place to sleep. I also wonder where cats can sleep when we had Luzies babies.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. How sweet Jeremy is on that magazine cover. And Janice in the steamer, really cute…and funny! Don’t they always seem to find the strangest places to sleep? But cats do know how to get comfortable don’t they!

    8 cats are a lot to feed and the vet bills can get expensive. But, like you, I just can’t say no when it comes to a needy kitty!

  11. Such a funny, darling photo! That’s all cats have to do: just be cute!

  12. It is so funny where cats sleep.
    The mag cover is fab, I could
    only hope to make something
    that terrific. I also loved
    you baby + cat post it is cute.
    My kitties are my babies.

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