It started in early January 2007 when two cute kittens followed me and my God-Brother home from work. Eventually we adopted both of them, our first formal adoption though we had befriended many other strays along the way. Somehow, these cuties had melted our hearts with their little actions. PapaRead More →

I always have the phobia when December is nearing. It’s always the worst month in my life having the cruel blow of losing so many cats. Firstly, it was Jordan, who was having a long bout of epilepsy cases, missing and was never found since earlier this month. Now it’sRead More →

“101 Lost Kittens” is a street art project leading by Thailand artist, Natthapon Muangkliang, Malaysian artist Louise Low and Tang Yeok Khang. The project is not only to create new spots of interest in George Town but also to create awareness towards stray animals. There are 13 latest street artRead More →

Jayson went back  to the vet again for more medications today. His leakage was still there though it had reduced quite a bit. Not sterilizing the house every hour seemed quite impossible for me daily. His leaks are still scattering everywhere he had parked himself. Well, according to the vets,Read More →

Jayson has not stopped dripping all over the place and nothing I could do to make things better as the vet had said that it was due to his medications. One of the medications given was to relax his bladder to enable it to function better in the future. Well,Read More →

When I thought having Jayson home earlier, he would be in great hands without worrying more about outside threats. Well, he’s for sure at peace, recuperating himself all along indoor. However, I’m the one still having that stress. Wherever Jayson would sit, there would surely be a pool of urine.Read More →

Jayson finally got “kicked out” from the vet’s about 2 hours ago. It was the worst cat case experiences in their service years. Sweat~ Well, to make matters worse, 2 out of 3 persons who tried to handle him during medication time today were injured. One with a deep scratchRead More →