Jayson went back  to the vet again for more medications today. His leakage was still there though it had reduced quite a bit. Not sterilizing the house every hour seemed quite impossible for me daily. His leaks are still scattering everywhere he had parked himself. Well, according to the vets, it will take some time for the bladder to strengthen itself. More supplements, antibiotics and bladder inflammation pills had been given to him this time. It’s indeed more stressful time for me to have to force feed him with all the pills. However, the vet’s two super sized cats, Samson and Simba, did put a smile on my face. Gosh! I think that was exactly what they were talking through their actions. Their expressions were so real~ 🙂


  1. Very cute! These guys are very expressive, yes? =)

    Purrs and prayers for Jayson's recovery…

    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  2. Great comic! We hope Jayson's leaking is sorted soon. Can't be that much fun leaking everywhere.

    The Paw Relations

  3. Purrrrrss to Jayson — and to Criz for having to keep cleaning up after Jayson.

    We second Cathy Keisha's diaper suggestion, or maybe something like a baby's onesie. Jayson might not agree, but he would probably survive a few hours sequestered in a bathroom or someplace comparable, which would at least give you a few hours relative peace.

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