I have observed that all the kittens are beginning to have that curiosity power building up rather swiftly since the last few days. Janice has the greatest observance power since she is the eldest in the J Family. I caught her doing the following actions yesterday evening. I always thought she is the blur one in the family as she always gave me that confused cute look most of the time. I guessed she would be the smartest after all… err… only if she does not put anything that she sees moving into her mouth 😛  KINDERGARTEN01  KINDERGARTEN02  KINDERGARTEN03  KINDERGARTEN04  KINDERGARTEN05  KINDERGARTEN06  KINDERGARTEN07


  1. What a cutie you are! Tiger barbs dart around so fast, no wonder it was hard to count them, honey!
    ~not the mama

    Thanks for linking Purrchance To Dream – we’ll do the same!

  2. Math is hard! You did very good for your first day in “kidneygarden.”

  3. dun worry, you’re doing great as kitty learning math furr the very 1st time! OMG, you’re so adorable indeed…

    anytime you feel bored and wanna play with us, come by to our ‘sanctuaries’ coz our mommie at felinesophy been musing about love against alll odds & we in Meaouwy Troops have great news on cats rule the rain;)

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