Sometimes I really wished I could understand what my kittens are saying to each other. They are such a bunch of joyful kitties and I envy how much fun they had all the time without stress and worries. Maybe words cannot describe what they are saying to each other but their actions do tell me a lot what they have in their minds. Do you think the following photos are what they have in their minds?  JEREMYSING01  JEREMYSING02  JEREMYSING03  JEREMYSING04


  1. Oh I so love “Unchained Melody” one of my favorite songs ever! The pictures are adorable. Thanks for the advice about Mr. Linky…I decided to give it a try. 😀

  2. Oah Dear….
    I suddenly feeling Spring is the birth season.
    How come little kittens are everywhere, hahahahah~~~~~

  3. so adorable… Janice and Jeremy! ^_^ but i hate Unchained Melody! LoL

  4. Sometimes I could understand my cats’ speaking. They are just directly speaking their feelings:)
    Very truth very touching~~

  5. The 3rd one is funny!
    I’m actually visualizing those words in hokkien… “DIAM LAR!!” lol 😛

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