Hi! My name is Jeremy, the newest member of the J Family. I am going to host today since I am the hyperactive one around while the rest are still busy snoring away. The weather has been cold and wet for the past one week. Even Papa Jon has notRead More →

This week’s theme is on PARTY.I am so in mood for a PARTY now!So are my kitties, Justin, Janice, Jeremy and Jayson.They even have their own table filled with goodies during the PARTY.Do you want to share some? Hehe~~ THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT! For those PhotoHunt members,PleaseRead More →

This is the fifth day I am with the J Family. Initially, I was not welcome by anyone. Everywhere I go, the rest will hiss at me. I was so lonely and I had to play with myself. Then Justin came and played with me. We became very close. ItRead More →

It was only three days of vacation with her adopted family and Janice was returned to the house this evening. According to the family, she was just too much for them to handle. She was such a brat, jumping up and down the whole place, claiming certain areas of theRead More →

It was barely few hours after Janice left and I ended up with yet another new member to the J Family. I am still wondering who is so cruel to dump a helpless stray kitten in front of my house. This kitten is surely not from this neighborhood as IRead More →

My friend Wilson came over to collect Janice back to his place barely few minutes ago. He was rather excited with the beauty, obedience and cuteness of Janice. Who won’t with such a beauty? I do hope that she will be pampered and loved at as I did. I justRead More →

Sometimes, any bad day will change for the better just by looking at the cuteness of your cats or kitties while they are sleeping. As proven medically that by owning a cat at home, you may free yourself mentally and physically from the many sickness that will take years toRead More →

It was one of those days when your cat got real dirty for roaming outside the house for days. What would you do? Do you just let it do the cleaning as in its cat instinct or would you give it a good bath? Cats are believed to be cleanRead More →

“Toot! Toot!” came the honking of a motorcycle in front of the house. “Hey Jayson! The postman is here!” shouted Justin anxiously. “I wondered what letter did Daddy have this time?” exclaimed Janice. The trio quickly scrambled to a safe place as they heard the running footsteps of their DaddyRead More →