It was one of those days when your cat got real dirty for roaming outside the house for days. What would you do? Do you just let it do the cleaning as in its cat instinct or would you give it a good bath? Cats are believed to be clean animals which can cleanse themselves well but there are some areas of the fur that can’t be cleaned by mere licking. What about those pesky fleas that they will bring back? Will you just let them come into the house and infect the rest of your bundles? The only solution that I can think of in this humid weather of Malaysia is to give them great warm baths. CULPRITVICTIMS Bathing cats has been a taboo for many cat lovers but it depends on the weather conditions and climate of different countries. You would not want to bathe your cat during winter and chill it to death right? In fact, cold has been known to be one of the killers in the life of a cat. Poisoning and untreated wounds are also the other threats. BATH01 My readers were concerned about the welfare of my kittens when I gave them some medicated baths a couple of days ago. I can assure you all that all my cats are well taken care of. In fact, they are pampered real well. After the bath, each individual was given a dry towel to wipe them dry, followed with hot fur blowing and wrapped in a new dry cloth. They were then given thorough ears and claws cleaning by using some cotton buds soaked in olive oil. In the case if there were still some unwanted pest stuck to their body, inspections were done with tender loving care, ensuring that they are flea-free. The only problem I had was that the big fat and chubby Papa Jonathan escaped before he had his “bath sentence” punished upon him for bringing in the infestation. It had been awhile since I was puzzled on how he managed to escape through my high grilled gate until I shot him digitally red handed doing the escape act by using my neighbor’s rusty gate. What a laugh I had! I will let you all decide if he is eligible to be entered in the Funniest Cat Video Contest? What do you all think? 😛 THE GREAT ESCAPE

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  1. Congratulations to your new blog it looks great ! Papa Jonathan is better then Udini, lol !
    BTW to prevent that Arthur houses fleas the product I put on him is called PROMERIS it is stronger then the other product I put on my other cats (from 6 months on) FRONTLINE. With that in their fur no flea wants to live in there ! That way they are all flea free. I have to put this on every 6 weeks. Today it’s again Arthurs turn, lol !

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