HELLOJEREMY01 It was barely few hours after Janice left and I ended up with yet another new member to the J Family. I am still wondering who is so cruel to dump a helpless stray kitten in front of my house. This kitten is surely not from this neighborhood as I can recognize any Mummy cats which were pregnant. As an animal lover, I just could not stop myself from running to the distress of the crying kitten. HELLOJEREMY02 Oh My God! This tailless long furred kitten is just too cute to be ignored. By the look of its face, fur and prominent orange body marking, it is not any normal kitten. Either it is a pedigree or a mixed pedigree. In fact, it looked just like Garfield. No kitten of this size or age will run away until so far. I even knew all the cat owners around my place and no one has any cats with orange coats. I would believe that it is the fate of this kitty to land itself into this sanctuary. Welcome Jeremy to the family! HELLOJEREMY03 The first thing I got hold of Jeremy, he was scratching from head to toes. You can imagine the quantity of fleas he has on his little body. There were hundreds of them running crazily even into his ears. He was just too pitiful to be left in this state and he might even infect the rest of my cats. Although it was already night time, I have no choice but to wash him 6 times in a row, all within 5 minutes to avoid him getting a chill. I later towel dried him and let him wrapped in another towel. I then slowly cleaned his ears, body and between the paws to get rid of any fleas that might escape my anti-flea shampoo. HELLOJEREMY04 Alas! I have to skip my regular commenting during the weekend but it was worth it as I have helped another living creature who almost became ignored and homeless. At least Jeremy now has a warm place to sleep in, food to eat and toys to play with. The only problem I am facing now is for the rest of the members to accept him into the family. Well, Jeremy is still young, so are the rest of the kitties. There should not be any problems at all for this barely two months old kitty to adapt himself into the family.

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