“Toot! Toot!” came the honking of a motorcycle in front of the house. “Hey Jayson! The postman is here!” shouted Justin anxiously. “I wondered what letter did Daddy have this time?” exclaimed Janice. The trio quickly scrambled to a safe place as they heard the running footsteps of their Daddy towards the main gate to retrieve the mails. Daddy was smiling all the way as he open up the letter. It was a Valentine card from Aunt Deana from USA. As Daddy was opening the card inside, something fell out and flew towards the floor. Jayson, the expert paper catcher rushed to the falling paper and pinned it onto the floor. “Gotcha!” exclaimed Jayson. “Yo guys! I’m richer now. Should we go to the mall and get ourselves some Friskies since Papa Jon has gone MIA again?” laughed Jayson hysterically. VALENTINECARD02 “Cool Valentine card. Is that Papa’s new lover on the cover?” remarked a confused Janice. “Shhh… Don’t say so loud Janice! Mama might hear what you say,” said Justin. “Hmm… who is that black cat at the back cover? It says Bad Cat! She’s so sexy!” remarked Jayson. “Grrrrr… Shhhhh!” shouted Justin. VALENTINECARD01 “What are you boys and girl looking at?” in came Mama Jess. Jayson hastily kept the card away. “Nothing Mama” said Jayson. “It’s just Daddy’s Valentine card!” “Hehehe …” giggled the triplets.

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  1. I love it! I wasn’t sure if our dollar was even worth anything there but hopefully it will buy all your sweet kitties a little treat! So glad the postman brought it safely to you!

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