BYE BYE My friend Wilson came over to collect Janice back to his place barely few minutes ago. He was rather excited with the beauty, obedience and cuteness of Janice. Who won’t with such a beauty? I do hope that she will be pampered and loved at as I did. I just could not stop myself from taking photos of her as part of my collections. Maybe I should at least post some photos here so that on and off I can pop in and have some sweet memories of her. I will surely not forget the cute moments she had with me, snuggling with me, playing my hair in bed, giving me those baby bites, jumping onto my lap to get my attention and enjoying her sleep comfortably there. She even had her scratch marks left all over my body now. SLEEPING Wait~! What’s that sound from the kitchen? It sounded like Jessica. Ouch! I am feeling the guilt of giving up Janice for adoption now as Jessica is purring nonstop hunting for Janice from upstairs until downstairs of my house. Now, lots of questions popped up in my head. Did I make the right choice? Am I supposed to break the kitties and parents apart? Is it wrong that I gave up one so that she would have the sole attention of her new owner? Well, I have no answers to the above. I am still feeling the attachment to her in me now. The tingling sensation is just too strong and it made my eyes wet. I hope these tears are the tears of joy that she will be having a new life all together and to grow up to be a beautiful lady in years to come. JANICE! I MISSED YOU NOW! BATH BALL TARZAN PAPA SIBLINGS

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