MYLIFE This is the fifth day I am with the J Family. Initially, I was not welcome by anyone. Everywhere I go, the rest will hiss at me. I was so lonely and I had to play with myself. Then Justin came and played with me. We became very close. It took a day before Jayson accepted me. Janice just came back from her ex-foster home and she immediately played with me. Since last night, all of us were tired from playing and we slept together on our favorite chair Daddy reserved solely for us. SIESTA Papa Jonathan upon seeing me came to me and gave me a sniff. He accepted me immediately. Mama Jess kept hissing at me but she was always near me thinking whether she would want to accept me or not. After seeing me playing with Jayson, Justin and Janice, she finally greeted me with a wet loving lick. I slowly crept to her while she was feeding the rest with her sweet yummy milk and she did not reject me at all. Maybe she did not realized I was there as I tried very hard to blend in between Justin and Jayson. INTRUDER Shhhh… Don’t say it so loud! I managed to steal some milk from Mama Jess. Hahaha… JEREMYLAUGH


  1. Hi Criz! This is great that Janice is back home. This means, you know, that you are supposed to keep them all! (I was actually secretly hoping she would be sent back. It happened to me with a litter of kittens. They work hard to return to the best place to live.)

    May I use a photo, WITH CREDITS, on my blog, to announce your site to my readers?

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