JEREMY Hi! My name is Jeremy, the newest member of the J Family. I am going to host today since I am the hyperactive one around while the rest are still busy snoring away. The weather has been cold and wet for the past one week. Even Papa Jon has not been awake since last night. What a piggy cat! Haha! If not, he would have gone out and start his endless courting again. 😛 I have been bored with playing with paper strips, hanging spiders and jingling balls throughout the day. So I have decided to show you what Daddy taught us few days ago on alphabets. According to Daddy, the first word we should learn is KIT, part of the word KITTEN. Let me go and shift Janice, Justin and Jayson and form the word. Ta… Da… See! How nice the word is formed! 😛 KITTEN Yawn~~ I am feeling so cold and I want some warmth with my bros and sis. Until the next lesson, have a great week ahead. Whee… here I come! ZzzzzZZzzzzzZZz… SLEEPING


  1. Awww…these kittens are just so cute!

    About arguing with parents and brain growth, I’d like to know what the authors would say about the adult children in my house who STILL argue with us ;0)

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