After some thinking, I realized that something might not be right with wherever I am staying now. Of all the 12 houses along my street, why must I be the only one that has been getting countless of strays coming around for food and water? This is getting to beRead More →

It has always been kind of an easy and relaxing Sunday for me as I had decided to take the day off for my personal activities. Well, I could hardly do so most of the time because I am a blogaholic… haha! Although I have tried doing the blogging addictiveRead More →

You may want to know about the two strays that have been coming to the house for meals everyday. These two are from a mother stray cat that had moved to another area. Initially, there were three kittens but one disappeared mysteriously. The mother cat had abandoned these two strayRead More →

Justin discovered that there is an alien out there. It is going to kitnap us and sell us to the flea market. What? Flea market? We had enough of flea problems here before and I do not want it happen again. Hey Justin! Cut that part! Nobody is going toRead More →

The stray kitten that had made a surprise visit earlier and also secretly broke into my house has had even worst luck on his side recently. I thought he had ran away when I chased him out of the house but he still come back regularly to seek food andRead More →

After the tiring experience with the stray throwing and squashing his “buns” all over the house, I was hit with another dilemma. Mama Jess and the kitties were all screaming and crying continuously the next morning. I thought all of them have gone psychotic overnight due to being haunted byRead More →

I was in the midst of cleaning up the house when I heard a sharp crying meow coming from the door. I thought I accidentally locked one of my kittens out from the house but I was wrong. I counted the kittens and there were four of them alright. OutRead More →