I always have the phobia when December is nearing. It’s always the worst month in my life having the cruel blow of losing so many cats. Firstly, it was Jordan, who was having a long bout of epilepsy cases, missing and was never found since earlier this month. Now it’sRead More →

“Hooray! I have finally found a place I can call home!” That would be the first thing that you would see in Joe Boy the minute he touched down on a new land. I felt really happy to find him a new home ever since he came knocking at myRead More →

I’m sure that some of you might realize that I have been rather busy and been travelling quite often out the state just to grab whatever job available just to make ends meet. The kitties indeed needed more for their diet since all of them are way past their adulthood.Read More →

  This week’s theme is IN MEMORY. I thought I would want to skip this theme as I could be quite emotional with the recent few bad happenings in my life… but I would want to dedicate this post IN MEMORY of my loyal stray cat, Mimi. She was goneRead More →

Taking some time off from the blogging world can sometimes be quite relaxing after so much of pressures I had when I had to ensure the health of all the J Family Kitties. Although I could not get far away from home as the kitties still needed me to beRead More →

The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover. Although I’m still feeling easily exhausted now after more than a month of taking care of myRead More →

This week’s theme is on SCARY.It was definitely a SCARY and stressful period for meduring the past few weeks with so many ofthe J Family Kitties falling sick at the same time.I’m not going to repeat all those SCARY momentsI had to deal with weird illness, vomit, vet bills, etc.Instead…Read More →

I think the heat from the recent weather might have gotten right into my brain and blurred my vision. I saw something white with grey fur wandering in my neighborhood garden. I thought it was a baby Siberian Husky until I got near to it. He was amazingly clean andRead More →

Speaking of sanctuary, I was in one for the second time today upon recommendation by a friend to seek treatment for my acute back pain. This is truly a peaceful place to be, not only for animals but humans as well. The whole place was full of wild plants, insectsRead More →