STRAYKIT01 The stray kitten that had made a surprise visit earlier and also secretly broke into my house has had even worst luck on his side recently. I thought he had ran away when I chased him out of the house but he still come back regularly to seek food and clean water from me. I guessed I might be the only one around the neighborhood who has the heart to feed a stray, on top of the crazy amount of food the J Family members are consuming now. Somehow Jessica does not like me to feed another kitten who is not from the J Family. Isn’t it obvious from her action as below? STRAYKIT02 But the stray was very persistent in getting what he wanted – some food and clean water and refused to move away despite Jessica’s constant hissing and claw warning. I feel so bad if I did not feed the poor kitten. His pathetic eyes made my heart grew soft. STRAYKIT03 Initially, I will see him purring in a distance for asking for food. As the days passed by, he came closer and closer to the house having the confidence all over again that I meant no harm to him. I always see a black spot on his left cheek and thought that it could be some tar stains since he likes to hide under the many cars parked along my house. Subsequently, I got rather suspicious when the black stain remained there for many days as a cat will somehow clean himself up wonderfully. Only then did I look closely at the shocking scar he had on his left cheek when he moved into the corridor of my house. By the look on his face, I can feel that he was crying in pain. STRAYKIT04 I waited patiently for him to hastily finish his food to have a closer look on that injury. It was terrible. One whole piece of his lip has torn open, exposing some of his teeth. I got up to see if I can get nearer to him to check on the injury but he ran away in fear. I wonder who or what could be so cruel as to make him have that scar for the whole life. STRAYKIT05 I just hope he will be fine now and that injury of his would not be worm infested and eat up his whole face. Even if it is beyond my means to help him out, I could at least seek help if he is willing to let me help him. Instead, he has disappeared for two days without trace. Let’s hope everything goes well for him now. All I can do now is to pray for his safety and that he will be able to live a longer life.


  1. Poor baby! I hope also things
    go okay for this stray. We also
    had a super skinny cat, hanging
    around our house. We couldn’t get
    near it but it would eat and drink
    what we put out for her/him. One
    day the cat didn’t come back. It
    was sad, but we hope the cat got
    her strength back to find its way
    back home.

  2. Oh, the poor thing! I am sorry he has such a bad cut. His face shows such sadness; I wish he could find a home somewhere.

  3. Oh no! He looks so sad, I wishes that he was not a stray. He is such a tiny little baby! That cut looks terrible, I wish that he had a Mommie or Daddie to care for him. I am purring so hard for him to have a fambly.

  4. Aw the poor little guy! It seems like you are the only one who’ll help him. I hope he comes back and shows you he is okay! What a sad face!

  5. That poor stray. I feel so sad that he has that scar. I wish there was some way we could help. Please let us know if there is anything we can do, like send supplies to help this kitty.

  6. Poor kitty 🙁 At least he can get a meal from you. It is a hard life as a stray. That will not change until people change their attitude toward animals.
    Purrs Mickey

  7. This is The Food Source. I know what you mean. ‘People’ dump cats in the fields across the street from our house. I try to feed these strays, at least when I can, to make their lives at least a little easier. Sometimes I can find one of them a home. More often, I wind up adopting the newbies into our family. And sometimes, they hang around for a while, and then disappear.

    You do what you can, but you can’t save them all.

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