After a few days of lying down and out from the blogging world, I had decided to get out from my house for some fresh air. It was eerily quiet in the neighborhood. There were no moving vehicles nor was there any noise from the kids around the area. IRead More →

It really looked like my place is fast becoming a sanctuary for all the strays. I hope I won’t land myself into many problems as I did overhear some of my neighbors complaining about the “bombs” all over the place. Although my kitties are all the time indoor, there wereRead More →

After posting up the article on the begging kitty, some readers had asked me why there were so many strays around here. I must say, it’s due to the mentality of the people living in this country. It’s not that we do not have animal lovers over here but mostRead More →

After resting for a few days, I had decided to go out for some stroll along the neighborhood to get some food. At least I can get some exercise as well as to avoid getting more bed sores. There was something else which made me wanting to go out toRead More →

The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover. The new stray (Jolyn) which I had decided to shelter since the last few days was stillRead More →

After so many people had requested me to try to get the J Kitties to be accustomed to the scent of the new kitty (Do you think Jolyn sounds nice for her?), I did try but there were still endless of hissing and swearing in the house. Not even oneRead More →

I did read some of the comments on the fate of the stray kitty but I was not the one to make any decision whether to let her in the house or not. The kitties did that all by themselves. I did try my best to accommodate all the kittiesRead More →

Rant! Rant! Go away! Come back with more love for me every single day! It has been raining over here almost nonstop for the past few days and the J Kitties had spent their time doing nothing except to sleep the whole day. Of course, there would be the timeRead More →

The baby stray which appeared last week came back for some food and snuggles today. The first thing she saw me, she rubbed herself on my legs and gave me a soft loving bite. It was such a great experience to get that from her. After having her lunch twiceRead More →