The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover. IDENTITY01 JEREMY!!! Get out from that dirt and come back into the house!!! Did you hear me call you Jeremy???!!! Gosh! This kitty of mine is getting more stubborn each day. What is it so interesting in the garden that he would ignore my call? I better go and get him in and give him a warm bath. I would not want him to make paw prints all over my clean floor. IDENTITY02 Aiks!!! This is not Jeremy!!! Who are you then? Gosh! It is another new stray in the neighborhood. Why have I not notice you before? You are so beautiful and cute. Errrr… I can feed you some food but I cannot let you come into my house. SIX!!! That’s the maximum I can handle now and I am going bonkers every single minute. Hmmm… now where is that rascal Jeremy? Oops… I thought that is Jayson sleeping on the chair just now. I better find Jayson before he gets bullied by that Mafia King of the neighborhood. Where are you Jayson??? IDENTITY04 I do not know what has happened but I am a blur case these few days. How could I have mistaken the identity of my kittens? I am most certain that my eye sights are still in good condition. I think I better make an appointment to see my optometrist tomorrow. Is this a sign of old age or depression from the ever mischievous J Family members? IDENTITY03 JEREMY!!! SHUT UP!!! 😛


  1. You’ve been tagged! We want to know 3 new things about Janice who is 3 months old.

    Also, how come Katz Tales doesn’t appear in that COT sliding box bar thinggy of links?

  2. I love Jayson’s mark very very much, that is very unique mark on his back, I just can’t leave my eyesight on him!!

  3. When there are so many kitties about it’s easy to get names wrong.Do you have a big garden for them to play?

    That stray is a cutie too. SS loves ginger and whites. One of my two kittens was a ginger and white too (he ran away). The other looked like me (she is now a pampered kitty in a good home).

  4. The spots pattern on the new stray kitty are beautiful. I don’t think
    I could resist adding this cat to
    my cat family. Jeremy is cute as
    always, but getting mischievious
    I see. They all go through their
    phases in their young days!

  5. You mixed up your poor cat with one of the neighborhood ! Really I think you had a couple of drinks too much, lol ! Fortunately you didn’t see double. Love all the pictures and thanks for your offer for a header ! I think I made it (it was for my Writer cramps blog) But it’s good to know that there is a helpful soul around !

  6. I know how it feels… I made the same kind of mistake some time ago. Oops! Just let the cats laugh about it and forgive yourself. 🙂

  7. Well they did look alike to me and without my glasses I’d of been out trying to get the other stray into the house.
    This was funny, I love your stories and pictures…always!

  8. LOL, yup, the more you have the harder it is to keep track! People have been complimenting me on the banner you created for me and I tell them that you’re the one behind it, wanted to let you know. I think you’re very talented.

  9. I agree with Andree, all the kittens and the little strays have a similar look. There’s probably a big old orange tomcat somewhere around!

  10. We can definitely understand how you get mixed up with up so many cats around.

    Those are really cute pictures though 🙂

  11. Your Dad is not getting old. At a glance you and the outside kitty look similar 🙂 Mom says to blame it on the dark 😉 hehee
    Purrs Mickey

  12. That’s a very handsome stray, although we hope he has a family and is just running loose. It is very nice of you to feed him!

  13. Eh Criz, which would you prefer? My magnifying glass or my teddy bear glasses? 😛

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