Justin discovered that there is an alien out there. It is going to kitnap us and sell us to the flea market. What? Flea market? We had enough of flea problems here before and I do not want it happen again. Hey Justin! Cut that part! Nobody is going to believe us that an alien is going to capture us. What actually is that thing running pass that door just now? Errrr… How am I to know? Let us all check it out together. At least four against one would be better. DOORKITTY01 DOORKITTY02 DOORKITTY03 DOORKITTY04 DOORKITTY05


  1. You guys look so cute at the door. Umm the stray is a cutie too. Is he/she allowed in the house? Looks like he/she is inside.

  2. Awww, those photos are amazing! I love how they are all looking out the door.

  3. Ooooo thats cute! I bet the strays are furry happy that someone feeds them nom noms.

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