There are some new highlights this week around the CATSOPHERE. In case you are not aware that there is a cat community who share their cat news every Tuesday, you should sign up with CATS ON TUESDAY. This project is the brainchild of Gattina who owns two lovely cats, ArthurRead More →

Ever since Mama Jess has accepted Jeremy as part of her family, Jeremy has been purring for more affection from her all the time. He even spent lots of his time playing with the rest of the triplets. One thing I have noticed is that Jeremy is a hyperactive kitten.Read More →

I have been observing the characteristics and behaviors of my kittens ever since Jeremy came into the house. What I have noticed was that Janice has been rather attracted to Jeremy even to the stage of going to the toilet for their “business” together. Oh My God! Don’t tell meRead More →

Hi! My name is Jeremy, the newest member of the J Family. I am going to host today since I am the hyperactive one around while the rest are still busy snoring away. The weather has been cold and wet for the past one week. Even Papa Jon has notRead More →

This is the fifth day I am with the J Family. Initially, I was not welcome by anyone. Everywhere I go, the rest will hiss at me. I was so lonely and I had to play with myself. Then Justin came and played with me. We became very close. ItRead More →

It was barely few hours after Janice left and I ended up with yet another new member to the J Family. I am still wondering who is so cruel to dump a helpless stray kitten in front of my house. This kitten is surely not from this neighborhood as IRead More →