LOVE IN THE AIR I have been observing the characteristics and behaviors of my kittens ever since Jeremy came into the house. What I have noticed was that Janice has been rather attracted to Jeremy even to the stage of going to the toilet for their “business” together. Oh My God! Don’t tell me this childhood friendship is going to turn into a fairy tale? The love is surely in the air. They might be fated to be together but courting at the age of two months old? Gosh! I might be thinking too much but this has been going on for almost 10 days and it is getting real obvious that both of them like each other to the extreme. Sometimes when both of them are sleeping and holding tightly to each other, I have the urge to find out what they were dreaming of. DREAMING Nowadays, you can even see Janice spending most of her time playing with Jeremy. Whenever I tried to get near them for some photos, Janice will pretend to be getting sleepy. It looked as if she is trying to get rid of me tagging them all the time. In her mind, she might be thing, “Get out of here and stop catwhoring (derived from the word camwhore :P) us!” PLAYING I do not know how far and how long this has been going on but I caught them doing things that only adults are allowed to do – steal a kiss! Gosh… Kids! They might not know what they are getting into until it is too late… Haha! Photobucket Boy! This is getting too much for my heart. Based on what I have found out, they can breed as early as 4-7 months. I better arrange to take all of them to the vets before I get overpopulation of cats in the house. Six cats in the house are already quite chaotic. Can you imagine having dozens? 😛


  1. Hi Criz

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not sure about the Mr Linky thing, I don’t think I’ve ever used it, well not on my blog anyway.

    I love the photos of your kitties, they are so pretty but, yes, I think a trip to the vet may be on the cards as soon as possible. You don’t want any funny business going on under your roof…lol!

    It’s amazing how close they’ve become though, isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Keep us up to date on the “romance”.

  2. Oh my! You should have warned the kissing picture was coming up, I think I might be too young to see that!

  3. My Daisy & Spooky were litter
    mates, they were always sleeping
    in the basket together and very
    friendly in the ways you mention.
    I made sure they were spayed
    young. Although I would love
    a bunch of kittens, I couldn’t
    bear to give any kittens away.

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