Many of you might not be aware about the recent hot video that had gone viral not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. The approximately 5-minutes video which was retrieved last week from a CCTV along a back lane in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, showed something that got many animalRead More →

This week’s theme is MUSIC.If you think MUSIC is all about sound,you may be wrong…Well, someone is going to face some MUSICtonight for being so careless and playful… Errr… is this what Jimmy meant by sound not being MUSIC?Help!! Cat invasion coming!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!HAVE ARead More →

Most of you are not aware that I have been extremely sick until Daddy had no mood or energy to write anything. I have been making Daddy very worried as I could not eat nor drink anything since last Saturday night. I have been panting for breath every second ofRead More →

I hope when he is feeling better, we should do what our Auntie Nana has been doing in Japan. Should I get Daddy to make a resolution that both of us should lose some weight before Christmas this year? I hope so too. Ok… it’s time for me to jumpRead More →

After resting for a few days, I had decided to go out for some stroll along the neighborhood to get some food. At least I can get some exercise as well as to avoid getting more bed sores. There was something else which made me wanting to go out toRead More →

The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover. The new stray (Jolyn) which I had decided to shelter since the last few days was stillRead More →

It was one of those days when there were just too many chores in hand to complete and yet you still see continuous mess around the house. Well, kids! As they grow older, they tend to run, jump, climb, tear, bite and worst still wet wherever they can lay theirRead More →

It has been quite a hectic week with lots of sickness, injuries, worries, anxieties, death within the cat blogosphere. I guessed we will all need some smiles to cheer up ourselves. Let me have the twins’ healing powers make all those bad things go away for good. This is aRead More →