After resting for a few days, I had decided to go out for some stroll along the neighborhood to get some food. At least I can get some exercise as well as to avoid getting more bed sores. There was something else which made me wanting to go out to celebrate as I saw Papa Jonathan, Mimi, the few strays around and the puppies happily playing outside my neighborhood. The sight made me cried in tears. I was relieved that all of them were safe from the flood few days back.

As I sat down in a little coffee house at the corner, I saw an orange tabby begging for food from one table to another. I called and she came. She was so adorable. At the same time, I could see her lips moving as if she had yet to take her dinner. It hurts my heart to see a hungry cat.


Seeing such a sight, I stood up from where I was sitting and went into the coffee house to see if I could get some fish or chicken to feed her. When I came back, she was still quietly sitting down there waiting for me. Somehow, she was deep in thought. I wondered if she was thinking that it would be another hungry day for her.


Before my order came, she was still giving that sad look. Suddenly, she did something that I would never expect a stray cat would do. I was quick enough to capture what she did to make sure that she will get some food from me. Here a little movie I have made about her. Do enjoy viewing.

As a result, she got what she wanted. I gave her a big juicy chicken drumstick! All the diners were looking at me with a kind of weird stare. I ignored them as a hungry kitty was what was on my mind then. She ought to be fed until her heart’s content…


  1. Oh, Criz….you just made me cry. What a beautiful kitty. You are such an amazing person. Did you have to leave her there? Is there anyway to get her to a Rescue place. I know that you can’t take on yet another kitty. That video just broke my heart.

    Thank you for your compassion.

  2. Criz!!! I am so happy Johnathan is safe!!
    You do have a big heart 🙂 I’m sute that kitty loved you even if other people thought you were nuts!!
    That video was so cool,as if she were praying 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  3. That made me cry a bit. It is so sad that someone let that cat go, obviously she has learned this from somewhere.

    Is there any way to get that kitty a home, a shelter or adoption or even an agency that helps that situation, there?

    Mommy Bean Laure

  4. That was bootiful and made us cwy..what a sweet kitty, and thank god fow you..Ihope she finds somewhewe to get fed wegoolawly
    smoochie kisses

  5. That is a lovely cat and very friendly. We think you are a good person to have compassion for a hungry kitty.

    Mindy & Moe

  6. aaaaaaaawwwwwww how sweetly sad. she looked like she was saying “more” in sign language.

    you are so wonderful to take care of these little needy kitties.

  7. Oh, she was praying for some food! Thank you so much for making sure she had a full belly for today.

  8. Glad you are feeling better and that the neighborhood animals are safe.

    That is a cute cat. We’re so glad you fed her.

  9. Hi Criz, hope you are feeling better.

    What a clever kitty, we are so glad you came along to feed her. ~S,S & C

  10. Oh wow!!! She deserves more than a drumstick. You are such a kind, wonderful person. Hope that kitty find somewhere/someone that would look after her. Seems to be a lot of strays where you are.

  11. Oh dear, the cat, the song, the story, so heartwarming and i almost cried….. Such a lovely cat and i wish her lots of food & love….

  12. That kitty really knows how to ask for food. It’s so sad that she’s a stray. I wish there was some way to find her a home.

  13. Criz, that is the sweetest video. She looks like she is either begging or praying.
    And you, you are just a wonderful person.

  14. Oh how precious!! Thank you for feeding that beautiful stray kitty…how wonderful you are!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

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