It has been quite a hectic week with lots of sickness, injuries, worries, anxieties, death within the cat blogosphere. I guessed we will all need some smiles to cheer up ourselves. Let me have the twins’ healing powers make all those bad things go away for good.

This is a special post for Debra who is recovering rather slowly and needed a dose of kitty healing power, Crystal who has her mind all stressed out with Moki’s treatments, and not forgetting ML who has a heavy schedule trying to sort things out for the benefits of more pets in need. Ladies… you all need a break!!








Everybody!! Let’s sing along and do the dance!!


  1. I feel better already, especially when we got to the Healing Kitty Dance. Who could feel bad watching those adorable twins. Looks like Mama Jess got a couple of those love bites in the process.
    Thank you to the producer and actors, excellent production.

    pee ess: Had to laugh at Joey in the food dish. Too cute.

  2. pee ess again: Hope Daddy Criz’s eye is healing well from the kitten claws.

  3. Now that put a huge smile on our face! Please give the twins and everyone else a big hug and kiss from us! We think the twins definately have a future in Hollywood!

  4. How cute!!!!! I am sure that would put a smile on the face of all the kind ladies.

  5. Aw, Criz. Those two are just tooo cute!
    Thanks for sending healing kitty powers for ML & Deb & Crystal.

    Not The Mama

  6. Cuteness overload! You just can’t have a bad day when you watch kittens play!=^Y^=The Cat Street Boyz

  7. Jimmy & Joey, that you for offering to share you food and cardboard with me!!

    After watching that amazing video…I feel 100% better! Those twins are just adorable! I have already watched the video about four times! I'll come back for more!!!

    THANK YOU CRIZ!!! (AND JOEY, JIMMY & JESSICA) You are amazing friends!

    Much Love…..


  8. If with all these good suggestions and healing powers (even I suddenly feel better) all cats won’t heal then I don’t understand the world anymore !
    PS they are sooooooo cute !

  9. Hi Criz! I had to come and see the Healing Kitty Dance again! I am feeling much better. How are all the J’s doing? How is your eye???

  10. It is always kind to send healing power thoughts to others…you guys are so precious.

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