Most of you are not aware that I have been extremely sick until Daddy had no mood or energy to write anything. I have been making Daddy very worried as I could not eat nor drink anything since last Saturday night. I have been panting for breath every second of the day and every time I tried to lie down to sleep, I was forced to stand up as I could not breathe at all. Standing up and taking a nap was not fun at all.

I knew that my family members were all hard hit by sickness during the last one month I was away at the vet but I did not expect myself to fall victim too. I was the last one and I hope it would stay that way. It had been hard and tiring for Daddy to spend all his time looking after me. Other than my medication time, he had to syringe feed me every few hours with liquid diet and energy drink to boost up my immune system and stopping me from being dehydrated. Even the thick meaty and yummy broth that Daddy has been cooking and feeding me daily did make me feel better. At least I did not go hungry although I did lose some weight now. Could you believe that this was me just few days back?

If not for his love and sacrifice for me to get well, I won’t be here jumping and pounding on the keyboard now. I’m FREE! I’m the QUEEN again! Now who should I get as my slaves? I would spare Daddy for the time being as he will need to get some good rest. I won’t be sure about that in a weeks’ time. Hahahahaha…


  1. Oh noes, I did not know you were sick! Thank goodness you got better!

  2. We wondered why your dad was so quiet. We thought he was resting up. We’re sorry you were so sick too but very relieved you’re doing better!

    Now, put your dad to bed,tuck him in and all of you sit on the covers so he can’t get back up until he’s had some rest!

  3. We will keep purrayin to Bast that yoo and all da kittys there and Criz feels better quick!

  4. You got sick again Janice? Your breathing was so fast, I’m glad you are well again now.

    You guys really need a break from this run of illness. I hope you all get that break soon!

  5. Good to see that you are better and prancing around. Now Daddy Criz better have a good rest, hear that? Otherwise he would get sick and be syringed fed by the kitties. We don’t want that to happen although it would be a sight to behold.

  6. Oh My Poor YOU and your poor dadda!!
    I am SO glad that you are better. I hope your dadda recovers quickly too ..


  7. We’re so glad that things are getting back to normal for your family.
    Sending *hugs* to your daddy and chin scritches for all the Criz Cats!

  8. You look so much better — great photo, as usual.
    Criz, you need to get some rest yourself now. You must be exhausted after saving all of the sick cats.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & KC

    pee ess: Got the package today.

  9. We are so glad you are better. That sounded just terrible what you went thru.
    -Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar

  10. We’re so happy that you are feeling so much better…now maybe your dad can get some rest….

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