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The new stray (Jolyn) which I had decided to shelter since the last few days was still getting trouble trying to mix around with the J Kitties. I had tried bathing her with the same shampoo that I had used on the J Family but yet still no acceptance. It has been 4 days and I’m beginning to give up hope on what else I could do. Each time Jolyn is in the living room, the rest will scramble into the kitchen or upstairs to take their nap. Not even a single one of them would want to be near her. The only person giving her the much attention is still me. No wonder she’s so attached to me now and would want to sleep anywhere near me… errr… or on me.


I felt so pity that not even the two youngest ones would want to play with her and she looked so bored. She has been trying to make friend with Jimmy by following him all over the house but Jimmy refused to accept her at all.


You can even see how Jimmy refused to accept her here in the video.

Jolyn would always sit in front of my main door scratching it in frustration. I think she got angry with how the J Kitties have been treating her.


She will beg me to let her out of the house. How could I? It’s a dangerous world out there and the weather has been really cold with heavy downpours almost every night. I rather have her warmly in her bed daily.


Haiz… Even the seniors wanted me to let her out. What else can I do? I had tried all the suggestion given earlier but not has worked out right. Help! Anyone in Malaysia would want to adopt such a lovable kitten?



  1. Oh, what a sweet new stray kittie. I think your heart is soooo big to shelter it too.

    Please don´t give up. Good things must have time.( weeks or month) I´m sure every thing will be good soon.
    We wish you with Jolyn good luck!

  2. What ??? only 4 days ! but that’s nothing ! It took at least a months for Pookie and Kim to get into my cat group ! at least not to be attacked anymore or hissed at ! Don’t mingle in to much, just let them settle their problems alone, only watch that they don’t kill each other ! But it is very very normal that they don’t accept the newcomer ! It takes time you will see ! Don’t give up !! she is soooo cute ! In a cattery they also have to live together and nobody cares !

  3. She needs more time to get accepted Dont let this worry you.

    I hope you get someone to adopt her as well since you have more than enough already

  4. We hope they will accept Jolyn soon. She looks so adorable.

    ~S, S, & C

  5. Four days isn’t much. We’ve heard it can take a month or so to get everyone used to each other.

    Please don’t let her out again. She could get really hurt there. We’re sure things will settle down in a few weeks.

    Maybe she can get a motorized toy to play with so when you aren’t around she can whap at that. The toy “Thing in a Bag” from

    drsfosterandsmith.com is lots of fun

  6. Poor little thing, such a shame that no one wants to play with her or give her much attention. Give it longer, I’m sure the younger ones will come around!

  7. I think the previous advice is
    good, give it a little more time.
    Little kittens need lots of xtra
    time when they don’t have a mom
    kitty around! Jolyn is a cute name!

  8. Poor little Jolyn! I can’t believe there is not somebody in your area who would love to have a little treasure like her.

  9. Criz, it is ok but just be watchful…. It took my CoCo almost 3 months to accept the 3 new kitties…. Yaya & Nisha took only 2 – 3 weeks to be totally comfortable with them…. Thank you for helping Jolyn….. 🙂

  10. Bless her little heart! She looks like such a sweetheart. It might take some time for the others to accept her. They will love her soon!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  11. Oh I am so sad.Poor little Jolyn. Maybe more time.After a while,she will become a regular and may gain acceptance. She is too little to be out. HUGS!!
    Purrs Mickey

  12. Oh that is so sad. I remember me and Echo took a littel time to git used to eech other. I think like evryone sed, dont give up hope yet. Keep yur pritty hed up!

  13. Big Big hugs to them~!!!! And to you.

    Right now Adan haven’t accepted Lego yet…. Even they seperate that long, so…. you see.

  14. Criz, the J’s will eventually accept Jolyn. It took all of mine a while to accept each other. She is so adorable!!!

  15. Sometimes cats can adjust very quickly. Other times you have to have a lot of patience. But they will adjust on their own time schedule, not on yours. Hang in there.

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