I think the heat from the recent weather might have gotten right into my brain and blurred my vision. I saw something white with grey fur wandering in my neighborhood garden. I thought it was a baby Siberian Husky until I got near to it. He was amazingly clean and handsome. I wondered if anybody owned this kitten as he was rather friendly.


As usual, I would carry some biscuits with me whenever I go out for an evening stroll. True enough, he came rushing towards me at the first scent of those yummy tuna kitten biscuits. He even allowed me to pat his back. After finishing his food, he went to the grass to clean himself up. I noticed a kind of weird stare from him. Is this what he has in his mind?



  1. Oh, he’s so cute. He looks to be in pretty good shape, maybe there is another in your neighborhood feeding and caring for the strays?

  2. What a cute fellow. We have our paws crossed he has a home and just dropped by to say hi. ~S,S & C

  3. That’s a gowgeous kitty fow suwe..not a sibewian huskee, hehehe
    I hope he has a fuwwevew home
    smoochie kisses

  4. You had me going for a minute! I thought you had been invaded by a woofie. He sure is cute!

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  6. What a cutiepie! We hope this means there is someone else in your area looking out for the kitties, so you get some help.

  7. Such a cutie!! He looks very clean and well looked after. Hope he has a home and is only just visiting.

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