Speaking of sanctuary, I was in one for the second time today upon recommendation by a friend to seek treatment for my acute back pain. This is truly a peaceful place to be, not only for animals but humans as well. The whole place was full of wild plants, insects and birds of all shape and sizes. Of course, there would be the woofies and kitties too. I met up with an elder woman. She was as compassionate as I am. Living alone in a little house within the compound of the sanctuary, she has also helped feed those hungry strays around her.

She was telling me how hard it was to get someone to adopt those stray cats that have been lurking around her house. I agreed. In fact, both of us had the same thinking of not letting those poor souls ended up in an animal shelter for fear that they might be “ahem ahem” when things got worst. She showed me around in her fragile pairs of legs as she felled down barely few days ago. Both of us were there to seek treatment for the chiropractor there. To my surprise, those kittens were extremely cute. I almost took them home but I already have NINE at home. I was sure those brats would have created some havocs at home while I was there. They did… as usual. LOL! Anyway, just to share with you some photos of the family. By the way, I have the habit of carry a small pack of cat food with me always. 😛





Well, don’t you feel like taking them home now? Somehow, something in them caught my attention immediately. It’s not their curiosity. It’s not their cuteness but their little gesture of wanting more love from us. Isn’t that what every single kitty would want from us forever?


  1. Oh those sweet babies! I do want Meowm to bring them home!!! They definitely need some TLC!

  2. All those kitties need love and hugs and affection and cawe..I wish I could come and get them
    smoochie kisses

  3. Awww thank you fow the juicy bone, heheheit was vewy hooge, hehehe, but delicious..I hope all of youw little family is doing well
    smoochie kisses

  4. Hey Criz, take another 1 and make it 10! Nice number and happy big family! lol…. (pulling ur leg)

    About the gathering, i seriously wouldn't mind joining but i could not get bus ticket back last night! Went to Plusliner and all tickets sold out and too reluctant to get tickets from Pudu…. T.T

    Well, i guess the following weekend after Raya holidays, i will be back again to get some work done on the weekend and maybe i can visit u and your kids?? Dying to see them all & give them my big big hug & kisses… If it is ok with you…

  5. Lovely kitties. Wish they could all be adopted into caring homes!

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