The J Kitties had been forced to stay in for so many days as it was a week filled with raining and thunderstorm. Finally, there was some sunshine today and thus all of them were allowed to go out for some fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves…errrr… except one big grumbler. First he jumped up onto the chair and looked at the rest playing happily outside. He just sat there and complained that the weather was too hot for him to be out there as he was sweating and panting heavily. He will need to avoid getting dehydration from the dryness and humidity and required lots of cool water inside. As a result of all his complaints, he had decided to stay under some shade within my porch area.




I did not realize why Jeremy’s react that way until Mama Jessica laughingly told me the reason behind his actions.


Finally, I left the gate open to enable him to be with the rest. Gosh! Jeremy had grown up real handsomely but he had put on so much of weight that he could not push himself through the holes. I just wonder why he would gobble in so much knowingly that he would not be able to get out in no time. Maybe I should put him on a strict diet soon. Shouldn’t I?


  1. And here it’s cool again and all my cats hanging around on sofas beds and chairs a real dormitory !
    BTW I forgot to tell you yesterday that when I brought little Rosie home, ALL cats went crazy and were furious about the newcomer ! Arthur even got a nervous breakdown and run away. Now he is her only brother all the others just support her not more !

  2. HAhahahahah – that is pretty embarrassing! Emil wouldn’t have fit trough either! We all get the same food, the same amount, the same kind of exercise – but he just got REALLY big….. Some cats are just big-boned, hahahahahahaha

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