Would you believe that bad luck comes continuously for three times? The Chinese believed in that but I do not now about you. I am not a superstitious person by nature but it did hit me three times in a row today. Firstly, my modem got burnt up last night, making me unable to browse the internet. That’s a headache. Secondly, I changed a new modem this morning but it ended up with Code 404 error. Again I was back at the supplier’s place to get it rectified. Back home, I encountered the same problem and was back at the supplier’s place the third time. See the familiar “three” again? Finally, they changed one with the latest program inside for me. As I was about to sit down and relax to do some writing of articles, Justin jumped onto my lap. That’s my third bad luck! I do not know what happened but this is the results of me wasting the rest of my days doing nothing that is beneficial… haiz… Guess what? Look below and you would know how lethargic I am now. FLEAS01 This is what happened when you soaked your hands in hours of water washing and pinching out those hundreds of fleas from all the J Family members’ body. FLEAS02 Well, who is the culprit again? It is none other than that Jonathan. I just let him out for his usual evening stroll and he brought back so many unwanted visitors to the house. I really feel like giving him a haircut right then but I just do not have the heart to do so after his pathetic look which often softened my heart. What a great pretender he is! LOL FLEAS03 Should I look for some fashionable attire for him to wear? I was thinking of letting him wear a scuba diving suit, a PVC suit or even a leather suit? Hmmm… Maybe Daisy has a clearer picture of what would be the best since she is so much into the fashion world. 😛 FLEAS04


  1. Oah I am so sorry the problem continue!!
    Although I am a Chinese, but I believe it will be alright:)

    And sorry about the hand, too 🙁
    Looks really awful!

  2. Oh, dear, you have been having some bad lucks. I think this means you will start having good lucks now! I do not have fleas because I do not go outside, but I was wondering if they have anything like Advantage for cats where you live? You just put it on the furs on the back of your neck, and it kills fleas for about a month I think.

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