It started in early January 2007 when two cute kittens followed me and my God-Brother home from work. Eventually we adopted both of them, our first formal adoption though we had befriended many other strays along the way wann ist es illegal musik zu downloaden. Somehow, these cuties had meltedRead More →

I gave up! Jimmy has to be sent back to the vet for close monitoring. Here I’m trying to get him back to better health and there he is not cooperating at all wochenende gif kostenlosen. He did take in a small amount of food on his own this morningRead More →

Finally, I managed to settle most of my backlogs after being sick for awhile. Shoo Mr. Flu Bug! Don’t ever come back again uplay kostenlos herunterladen! Everybody thought that being a food writer is an easy job. Well, no. Other than the invited reviews, there would be the hours ofRead More →

With all the celebrations going on during this Chinese New Year, you might ask why I’m still here and not out there celebrating with my family and friends euro truck simulator 1 kostenlos downloaden vollversion? The reason… I could not be away for more than a few hours as IRead More →

UPDATE:February 2:11.20am – Blood strains still everywhere… I hope the medications given would work faster herunterladen. I’m forced to lock her up in the bathroom. She may look like she’s fine but inside her existed the pain that I would never be able to detect herunterladen. 10.30pm – It hasRead More →

UPDATE: 11.00pm – She’s awake but refused to eat even with the best food given on her plate. Fortunately, she did sip in some warm water herunterladen. She has not stop licking her “ahem” yet. I’m still following her around to clean your those “sliding” blood stains she made onRead More →

don’t get angry full version for free This week’s theme is PUBLIC.Sometimes it can be quite embarrassingto be held up for so long in PUBLIC herunterladen.Jimmy almost had a PUBLIC blast! LOL! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT maxdome purchased videos!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! HAPPY PHOTO HUNTING!Read More →