This week’s theme is CUDDLY.We J Kitties surely have no trouble at all being CUDDLY.Mama Jessica can still vividly rememberher first birth to Janice here.She love her CUDDLY baby a lot… Happy moments with Mama Jessica and Papa Jonathanwarming up those CUDDLY babies two years ago… THANK YOU FOR YOURRead More →

I have always thought that Papa Jonathan was a Casanova since he hardly came home daily. I practically got use to his disappearing acts. Even if he were to be present, he would just take his meals within 5 minutes and out he goes with his wild expedition. It wasRead More →

From the last post, we found out that Jeremy caught something out from his world. It turned out to be a roach which thought it was brave enough to intrude the territory of the J Family. In the end, it was a death trap. Jeremy caught it. Minutes later, theRead More →

We have to knock on Papa’s head sometimes to bring him back to reality. He could be such a blur case that he only cares about his look, his tummy, his sleep and where he would be going out later. Nothing else matters to him. We could anytime recognize Daddy’sRead More →

Someone has been spreading rumours that there is a kitty even more handsome and man than me. What? This orange kitty with black stripes? How could he be? He is so inactive and sat there all day long doing nothing but staring at the walls. What a SOFT kitty heRead More →

Mama Jessica almost fainted when she answered the door this morning. There at the door was Uncle Karl making a personal and surprise delivery. He was carrying a big huge devil over his shoulder. He had just taken a flight from Thailand after hunting for the infamous blue spotted stingrayRead More →