I always have the phobia when December is nearing. It’s always the worst month in my life having the cruel blow of losing so many cats. Firstly, it was Jordan, who was having a long bout of epilepsy cases, missing and was never found since earlier this month. Now it’sRead More →

No words can describe How sad and empty I feel todayEspecially when it’s your birthday. Why did you have to go away suddenlyAnd leave a big hole in my heartWhen there was hope for you to exist? What I’m suffering now seems so unfairAs my love for you has neverRead More →

Having some pets at home had definitely made my life happier ever since the J Kitties first came into my world of hectic working lifestyles. Most of the time, their daily behaviors can get me in stitches. Those candid and humorous moments did get my mind off some job pressures.Read More →

This week’s theme is CUDDLY.We J Kitties surely have no trouble at all being CUDDLY.Mama Jessica can still vividly rememberher first birth to Janice here.She love her CUDDLY baby a lot… Happy moments with Mama Jessica and Papa Jonathanwarming up those CUDDLY babies two years ago… THANK YOU FOR YOURRead More →

This week’s theme is on THANKFUL.There are so many things I’m THANKFUL for in lifebut the major one would be to be ableto be surrounded by great friendsthroughout the journey of my life…I just wonder what my catswould be THANKFUL for…Note: Some did ask me how many… 9 happy JRead More →

The weather these few days has been rather gloomy and wet towards the late afternoon. Not only was I stuck indoor most of the time, so were the J Kitties. I thought the weather was already bad outdoor but eventually it was even worst inside the house. The whole placeRead More →