After a few days of lying down and out from the blogging world, I had decided to get out from my house for some fresh air. It was eerily quiet in the neighborhood. There were no moving vehicles nor was there any noise from the kids around the area. I did not know what made me took out my camera at 1am in the morning but somehow I realized that it had become one of the parts of my body. Maybe I was curious… curious to find out who has been eating the food I left outside in my porch area every night. I know for sure that two of them would be Mimi and her mother Mama.


Suddenly, I caught sight of another stalker sitting right in the middle of the road. From the look from behind, she looked like she’s pregnant, which I think she was. Before I could see who she was, she moved under a car. I managed to take shot of her evenly colored fur. She was such a beauty.


After taking a few shots of her, she turned around and gave me a tongue out stare. I almost fell down from the fright. OMG! What a sight! Did you see what I saw?


I would not have thought that I would see another badly handicapped cat in my neighborhood and there she was right in front of me. I thought when I had helped Alpha (Mimi’s brother), he would be the last one. At least his lips were within help. Now how could I help one without a mouth? My heart just sank… I had enough of chest pain for the last few days and now it had just got worst. Oh God! Please spare these cats from more harm… please…



  1. Oh, Chris, how terrible for that cat! It’s no wonder you stressed over it. There are so many in need and you just don’t have enough resources to help them all.

    You have got to relax. Jan has the same stress taking pictures at the shelter since she knows almost all of the ones she sees there will be killed soon.

    But you can’t help any of them – not even your own – if you don’t take care of yourself!

    You’re welcome. Any time you need a bad cook to motivate you to get well, just let us know and we’ll send Sam.

  2. *gulp* The mom’s belly went sick. We wish there was a way we could help yoo help that kitty. Perhaps another auction? Let us know!

  3. Ah, the poor thing. I hope she is able to eat okay. I wish there was a rescue organization where you live who could help out the cats in your neighborhood. Even though I know you would like to save all of them yourself!

  4. Poor, poor kitty!!!! What are we to do????

    Hey, make sure you look after yourself too!

  5. I felt sick in my stomach when I saw that photo – that poor cat.

    I echo the other comments – remember to look after yourself too!

  6. what?! oh no. if you can find her send her to me. i feel so bad…………….. i think i will just go to bed now. it is depressing.

  7. Oh, the poor baby. Criz, I know that you do everything you can to help these poor babies. Please take care of yourself.

  8. It is always sad to see kitties hurting. There are so many that do not have homes,you cannot help them all. We need to get people to start respecting animals and caring for them.
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Please take care of yourself. You do so much for these kitties, and without you, I hate to think what could happen.

    The poor girl. We are sending out our purrs and prayers for her.

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