With a household of nine fast growing up cats, there would always be endless streams of breakages, health issues and vet bills. What more when there are so many innocent strays around my neighborhood which at times would have some emergency issues. I must admit that I have the guiltRead More →

This week’s theme is ADVERTISEMENT. I did put up an ADVERTISEMENT last yearto seek adoption for my four-months old kittens.Times had been really bad then when every singlecents saved would make a great difference.Somehow, I managed to stretch the fundsnot only to keep my beautiful babies but alsoto help outRead More →

This week’s theme is PLASTIC.Some people will say “Curiosity kills a cat”.Well, it may happen when it involved an item like PLASTIC.For the case of Jimmy and Joey,it’s definitely not arising from PLASTIC poisoning buta matter of being honest and truthful between siblings.Certain things ought to be shared though… THANKRead More →

This week’s theme is on TRIANGLE.There are many ways on how you candescribe on a TRIANGLE but there’s one that had caused muchworries and stresses to many partiesas the situation mentioned below… THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT! For those PhotoHunt members, please click Mister Linky above and enterRead More →

  This week’s theme is on STRIPES. It’s very obvious who would be in the highlight again… My handsome Jeremy with orange STRIPES! 🙂         THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND VISIT!   For those PhotoHunt members, please click Mister Linky above and enter your information forRead More →

Thanks to everyone who had came in here to give us some comfort. I appreciate it a lot. The day went by rather hectic with me spending practically the whole day with Joey at the vet trying to get her all fixed up. It was indeed a terrible experience forRead More →

I have been asking myself this question ever since Joey slept barely an hour ago. Why must all the mishaps happen during a Sunday at odd hours when I can’t seek help from anyone? First it was a visiting Alpha with a badly torn lips, then Panther with a almostRead More →

This week’s theme is on HAT(S).Here is one of the main reasons why a ladyWOULD NOT WEAR a HAT on some occasions.Since Jimmy had not encountered such incidentbefore in his life, he found out the reasonwhen he wanted to borrow Joey’s HAT.It was kind of funny then… Haha!! THANK YOURead More →

This week’s theme is on BREAKFAST.Things has been quite chaotic for the past week untilI did not manage to have an early BREAKFAST.Luckily, both Jayson and Mama Jessicahad recovered and well now.I just wish my cuties won’t keep on waking me upat 6.00am daily for BREAKFAST…Sweat~ Sweat~ Sweat~ THANK YOURead More →