This week’s theme is on BREAKFAST.
Things has been quite chaotic for the past week until
I did not manage to have an early BREAKFAST.
Luckily, both Jayson and Mama Jessica
had recovered and well now.
I just wish my cuties won’t keep on waking me up
at 6.00am daily for BREAKFAST…
Sweat~ Sweat~ Sweat~






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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. Their daddy is such a good cook, baby kitties…should be trained to “grill,fry and steam” their own breakfast!! 😛

  2. Forget breakfast – come on over to some Arabian lizard delicacies!
    Big party for Ruis birthday, with belly dance!
    Karl and Ruis at The Cat Realm

  3. Get them breakfast quick. I can’t think of what will happen to the little fishy 🙂

  4. 6 am it’s a little early, but who can say no to those cute kitties??
    Happy b’fast!

  5. Awwww so cute, even when hungry for their breakfast 🙂

    My Photo hunt entry is here

    Please stop by if you have a moment and check it out 🙂

  6. What a noisy complaining lot. Get to it Dad, they are driving us all mad.

  7. Your kittens are so cute and I love their commentary. I think your kittens should write a book.

  8. I am listening to Pyewacket right now, chomping on her dry cereal breakfast. 🙂

    I’m going to get a cappuccino and a waffle with maple syrup.

  9. I enjoyed reading the captions. I did something like that in my entry, too. Happy weekend!

  10. How funny that they’re sleeping on the fish tank! Great panels for our breakfast theme. I love how you put all their thoughts in. Better go get them some breakfast fast.

  11. LOL – always love your shots!!!

    Happy Weekend.

  12. Love your series 🙂 Pets tend to be very particular when its time for their meals. And they do crazy things, too. My dog Max sneezes whenever it is time for her meals. Imagine a dog sneezing right in front of you??

    Sreisaat Adventures

  13. Haha – this reminds me of a few wks ago watching these big fish eat off the bottom of their tank while eating breakfast..

    A good one!

  14. hahaha health hath no fury like kitties who are hungry =] fishies beware!

  15. Da best way to wake up da Daddy for breakfast feeding is to jump on his head. If dat duzn’t werk den yoo yell, and jump on his head again. If dat duzn’t werk den yoo jump and yell at Mommie and she will do da loudest yellin at Daddie an den yoo get breakfast reely fast.

  16. That’s a hilarious breakfast story – just wonderful!! 🙂

  17. Sorry for the late visit.

    Cute photos! I love the first one. Your lovely cat must have been contemplating on getting fast breakfast. 🙂

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