This week’s theme is PLASTIC.
Some people will say “Curiosity kills a cat”.
Well, it may happen when it involved an item like PLASTIC.
For the case of Jimmy and Joey,
it’s definitely not arising from PLASTIC poisoning but
a matter of being honest and truthful between siblings.
Certain things ought to be shared though…








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  1. Author

    Normal… whenever i try to dry some washed containers, some will go and make them their “home”.. LOL!! there’s never ending of candid shots in this house… haha

  2. That is so cute. Amazing they fit into the plastic containers. Happy weekend.

  3. What a fun post for this week! I once had a cat that loved to chew plastic bags – she couldn’t pass one up. Go figure!

    Thanks for stopping by mine today!

  4. Criz! I havent been able to get into your site in weeks! It tells me that your profile is not set to share! I have been trying and trying…so tonight, I followed a link you left in someones blog! And I have missed you and your babies! Great photos, in that plastic container, just adorable, but squished, but adorable! lol..My hunt is up, come and visit when you can

  5. Someone looks a little jealous that THEY don’t have their own plastic box….

  6. thks for the visit! Like the 2nd last pic featuring what looked like one cat whispering to another. The other day, a cat walked up to my Sprite and was so friendly towards her – a dog. BUt Sprite being dogs, was just unprepared for this close encounter, tho she’d tried many times to befriend stray cats ard the neighbourhood.

  7. those pics are soooooooo cute. nice job! i envisioned the other plastic box……you know…..scratching around…..the classic pose….the bouquet….

  8. With two feline friends of my own, how well I know those plastic boxes. Love these shots, hiliarious.

  9. We are looking for a plastic box to try out, they look comfy. Much better then cardboard boxes as you can see out of them too. ~S,S,C & F

    Thank you for telling us about the crabs that were named after us. We are very pleased with the discovery although Mommy thinks Scylla takes being a crab a little too far as she tries to pinch her with her claws when we have treats. Scylla holds on to Mommy's hand for dear life and makes it difficult for Mommy to hand the treats to the rest of us. ~S & C

  10. This is so creative! Great take on the challenge, and such cute kitties!

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