This week’s theme is PAINTED.Sometimes I have to agree that there’s a limit to everything,especially on the limitation that a cat has…Not everyone would be born to be skillful and talented in art.It’s very obvious on Jeremy when he PAINTED me…Do I really look like that?? THANK YOU FOR YOURRead More →

Most of you are not aware that I have been extremely sick until Daddy had no mood or energy to write anything. I have been making Daddy very worried as I could not eat nor drink anything since last Saturday night. I have been panting for breath every second ofRead More →

It was definitely a very wet weekend and a chaotic one indeed. First it rained nonstop for more than 13 hours with 4 hours of heavy downpour. My garden was flooded with more than a foot of water whereas my surrounding neighborhood was with above knee deep water. I gotRead More →

I was away for an appointment 150 miles away from home yesterday. Leaving the home at 5.00am and coming back 10 hours later was very tiring. I just could not leave the kitties at home alone too long without anybody supervising their ever chaotic behaviors. When I was back, IRead More →

After being mistaken as a predator yesterday, Janice was still rambling about the existence of aliens invading the house. Firstly, it was the two strays which I was feeding daily. Poor Alpha and Beta. Then something unexpected made her panic. What could that be? To me, those things are quiteRead More →

We have to knock on Papa’s head sometimes to bring him back to reality. He could be such a blur case that he only cares about his look, his tummy, his sleep and where he would be going out later. Nothing else matters to him. We could anytime recognize Daddy’sRead More →

Everything turned out real well for Daddy’s Birthday Party. The guests enjoyed themselves so much that some of them helped themselves to countless rounds of the food. Some of the kitties were concerned that there would be lots of dishes for us to wash. We, the J Kitties are smartRead More →

Count down … 2 days more before the surprise party! I am think I have been taking things for granted all these while. All know is to eat, sleep and enjoy my life away without thinking how much work Mama Jessica had to go through daily. I had just helpRead More →