We have to knock on Papa’s head sometimes to bring him back to reality. He could be such a blur case that he only cares about his look, his tummy, his sleep and where he would be going out later. Nothing else matters to him. We could anytime recognize Daddy’s footsteps, body scent and when he would wake up from his sleep but not Papa. **Knock Knock… anybody home inside that head?** We hope Daddy comes back soon. We miss him a lot! DADDYHOME01 DADDYHOME02 DADDYHOME03 DADDYHOME04 DADDYHOME05


  1. Looks like the kitties are missing their Daddy. Better come back soon to give them their hugs and cuddles and update us on Panther.

  2. We hope your daddy gets home soon as we know you miss him.
    We will give you hugs until he gets home.
    Roscoe, Sassy, Momo & Opus

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww,I hope your Daddy gets home soon!!!! All the kitties want hugs!!
    Purrs Mickey

  4. You kitties are such a bunch of jokesters! I am sure he will be home soon, do not worry.

  5. We see you miss your daddy terribly! Hope he will be back soon!

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