This week’s theme is PAINTED.
Sometimes I have to agree that there’s a limit to everything,
especially on the limitation that a cat has…
Not everyone would be born to be skillful and talented in art.
It’s very obvious on Jeremy when he PAINTED me…
Do I really look like that??





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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. What a fun take on the theme. Your posts make me smile. The last shot is so funny and Jeremy is adorable.

  2. YAY! A criz cats blog post, that didn’t make me cry! 🙂 thanks! And Jeremy, you’re gorgeous!


  3. LOL~ Happy saving up on buying the card for daddy! 😛
    But you can always paint with your paws all around the house…………..for your dad to clean up afterwards!!!

  4. applause..clap clap…Criz u r so creative. i can never think of abstract ideas like this. i always boring direct interprtation 🙂

  5. Even this week’s Photo Hunt entry has cat pictures!!! ;D

  6. Nice painting there – that’s some talent! But why are you painting a dog? Surely there are some cute kitties to paint in your house? 😀

  7. Can I hire him/ her to paint a portrait of my Sprite? 😛

  8. What a lovely painting. I wanted out dog to be Snoopy, but my kids did not like the sound of it. So he’s Charlie Brown.

  9. PURRfectly done!!!

    My ‘PAINTED’ is posted now. Hope you can join me at my blog today sometime. Have a great weekend.

  10. Funny take on this week’s theme. Love the first shot – the thoughtful artist.

  11. It's the thought that counts we are sure your Daddy will love the card. ~S,S, C & F

  12. We have never bothered anything but the catnip, so Mommy doesn’t have a clue how you would keep kitties or doggies from eating plants they shouldn’t. You might could spray them with something that tasted bad to us cats. ~Scylla

  13. Your posts never cease to amaze me. I couldn’t imagine what the kiddies were going to do for this post,… but Jeremy showed us right. Great job……

  14. Your painted picture for Daddy is simply purrfect, you must give it to him on his special day.

  15. You are a real artist ! Just put your paws in acrylic colors and walk over the sofa ! this would be perfect !

  16. Cats can only paint with their paws… paw paint rather than finger paint. You did a pretty good job there. Besides, moms and dads love what their kids paint.. no matter what.
    Mine is up here.

  17. Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Will drop by your blog often.. Do find time to visit my blog.. Keep in touch.. Take care.. Cheers mate!

  18. Jeremy,we think your Dad will love a card you did yourself!!!!!!! It shows you care 🙂
    We are also very happy that Jason came back!!!!
    Hope he has forgiven Janice,heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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