After being mistaken as a predator yesterday, Janice was still rambling about the existence of aliens invading the house. Firstly, it was the two strays which I was feeding daily. Poor Alpha and Beta. Then something unexpected made her panic. What could that be? To me, those things are quite common as I have seen them loitering around at night but to her, those were something new. Hmmm… I think I better stopped her from watching more TV shows. It sure can influence the thinking of a growing up child. 😛 INVASION01 INVASION02 INVASION03 INVASION04 INVASION05 Those are just snails Janice. They do not even have teeth to bite you. Now can I go back to sleep? I’m dead tired!!


  1. Snails? Snails? Ewwwwww, I’m with Janice: time to panic! LOL, happy COT

  2. hmph. We haven’t been getting blog updates from you on our bloglines. Well this isn’t okay.

    I think being a predator is grand! Go and get those snails!

  3. Snails?
    Your house often has very special guest and news happening, never get bored~! Hahahaha~~~

  4. KC said…
    Oh, my, snails? Daisy should be here fur this. I wants to hunt snails, too.

  5. Hi Criz,

    We where just stopping by to check in on Panther. How is he doing? Have you met your fund raising goal yet?

  6. I get an invasion of SLUGS in my kitchen every night. Panic away Janice, I’m right there with you! 🙂 xxx

  7. SNAILS! Be very, very careful not to EVER allow one of those snails into the laboratory. They are not to be trusted!!!!

  8. ewwwwwwwwww snails?
    Invasion in force
    Call out the reinforcements..


  9. Gee,that is aa lot of snails!!!
    Maybe your Dad will eat them,heehee
    I have not seen any snails here.
    Purrs Mickey

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