The J Family members would like to welcome everyone to the party. Make sure that you all had a great time and do enjoy all the food we had prepared for you. Without waiting any longer, let us jump onto our seat and get ourselves comfortable. The party will begin anytime. Please be patience as the food would gradually be served. For those who did not manage to sign in the attendance, please do so after the dinner. Now let us get the party going. ***Drums roll*** Announcing the arrival of our lovable Daddy! ***soft background music playing*** Ladies and Gentlemen! The meals are served now… DISH 1: FOUR SEASONS
Since everyone is from all parts of the world and had experienced the changes of seasons, it is appropriate to serve this FOUR SEASONS dish. Right at the top clockwise are Catnips (compliment by Uncle Karl), Japanese Stir-fried Baby Octopus with sesame seeds, Tuna Mix with Avocado topped with grilled prawns and Clay Baked Salty Chicken. FOURSEASONS.jpg DISH 2: CREPE DELIGHT
We learned this dish when a friend of ours dropped by from France. Justin and Jayson made the crepe skins and Mama Jess stir fried some marinated chicken and beef cubes in thick creamy mushroom crème and sprinkled with some chopped oregano leaves. Since Papa Jonathan had netted a lot of fresh prawns, we decided to garnish the halved crepe with a grilled prawn each. Don’t you think Janice is so creative with the decoration? CREPEDELIGHT.jpg I hope all of you had a great time with the dishes served so far. They will be free flow of Japanese Green Tea to wash out all the oily food and some great beverages such as Niptington, wine and Lizquila compliment by Uncle Karl as well. BEVERAGES.jpg DISH 3: INDIAN TANDOORI CHICKEN
Mama Jess thought of letting the guests try out her Baked Tandoori Chicken. This authentic Indian cuisine is much loved by the locals here. Whole chicken or choice pieces are marinated in Tandoori sauce plus a bit of yogurt and baked until cooked. It is normally served with Nan Bread but since there are so many dishes served, we did not make any. I am sorry about that burned part of the wings as Jayson forgot to wrap it with aluminum foils before putting the dish into the oven. 😛 TANDOORICHICKEN.jpg Ooo… we have a special guest appearance here. Let us welcome the Cole Cats starring Mickey as Cat King Cole and Sassy as Catalie Cole. Please click on the music bar to listen to the oldies 😛 COLECATS.jpg DISH 4: MALAYSIAN GRILLED SPICY STINGRAY
Mama Jess made this the Malaysian way. She marinated the stingray (compliment by Uncle Karl) with turmeric powder, chili paste and some blended onions. She slowly grilled the fish slices wrapped in banana leaves until it become golden brown. Try garnishing the grilled fish with some Malaysian shrimp paste chili with chopped big onions and lime juice (Sambal Belacan). Warning… this combination can be fiery hot! GRILLSTINGRAY.jpg DISH 5: INDONESIAN GADO GADO
Mama Jess made this dish for those guests who love vegetables a lot. It is an Indonesian salad where the sauce is made from pounded peanuts, some spicy herbs and coconut milk. It is not hot and is suitable even for kids. We had a hard time cutting up all those long beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, boiled some eggs and fried some tofu. Actually, we did fry some prawn crackers to go with it but the whole J Family members finished all while watching “Cats and Dogs II” last few nights. 😛 GADOGADO.jpg DISH 6: KOREAN WINE SAMGYAPSAL
I’m sure a lot of you would love BBQ but we are having it the Korean way where we will BBQ our food right at our table. Try Mama Jess’s secret wine marinated ribs, chicken drumsticks and mussels. SAMGYAPSAL.jpg DISH 7: EMPEROR’S SEAFOOD NOODLE
This noodle dish was meant solely for the Emperor but we managed to smuggle one of the palace’s Chinese Kitty chefs to cook for us today. We love seafood a lot and thus he put lots of juicy squids, giant prawns, clams and abalone in it. We love the creamy taste a lot. SEAFOODNOODLES.jpg DISH 8: DESSERTS OF THE WORLD
As for dessert, we have three different types imported all the way from China, Thailand and Japan. They are the Chinese Prosperity Fish Jelly, Thai Seahorse Jelly Bar and Japanese Taiyaki with hot steaming red bean paste. SEAFOODDESSERT.jpg DISH 9: BIRTHDAY CAKE:
What is a birthday without a cake? Janice made this cake especially for Daddy. The cake comes in a fish bowl with a wooden fish stand. Inside the bowl, the base is filled with assorted flavors of cube cakes, fish shaped candies and filled with yummy Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Jelly. Of course, we lighted ONE CANDLE only. Daddy wants to FEEL YOUNG everyday… hehe BIRTHDAYCAKE.jpg It was almost sunset when the birthday cake was served. We had the cake served outdoor by the cliff overseeing the Straits of Malacca. Everyone was excited to take a group shot. As usual Uncle Karl was overdosed with Lizquila, and his fiancé, Ruis need to accompany him all the time. Wait! Where is Daddy? Did someone accidentally knocked him down the cliff? Help!! Hmm… we have the CCSI III – The Missing Mummy Caper coming up this 10th &11th May, are we having The Missing Daddy Caper next? Hahaha… CCSI III Here is the group shot of the guests… GROUP PHOTO ON THE MAIN TABLE
The J Family – Papa Jonathan, Jeremy, Janice, Justin, Jayson, Mama Jessica
Karen Jo, Momo, Sassy, Charlotte, Daisy
Ruis, Karl, Opus &Roscoe, Lego
Indigo, Sox, Cubby, Amber, Kosmo & Mouse, Adan
Cheysuli, China Cat, Willow, Jawsy, Felix & Garfield, Asta, Kashim & Othello
Tigger & Samantha, Tillie, Mickey & Georgia
Au & Target


  1. WOWIE! This is a very sumptuous feast! First, I must say happy birthday to your Daddy! Woohoo!

    I sampled a little bit of everthing, and now my tummy is so full, my cowgirl skirt is tight. Good thing it has elastic!

    Thanks for inviting us to your very wonderful party!

  2. That looks likes some good food! I know me and the mommy bean likeds the sounds of it.

    I hopes that your Daddy has a greats Birthday, its always a special day when we spends it with someones we loves, isnt it??

  3. Happy Birthday Criz! We had 3
    birthdays on May 5th. 2 kitties
    and one human! Got your message.
    Do you have an email address on
    your site? I would prefer not
    to give my e-mail address on my
    blogs. Food looks great! Yum O!

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Criz
    Happy birthday to you.

    What a wonderful party. Thank you so much for inviting me.

    This was a surprise party for you given to you by the kitties in your family. Did they trick you or were you on to them????

    So much good food I am not going to eat a little bit of everything, I am going to eat a lot of everything.

    So much fun and so many friends here to help celebrate!!!!!

  5. Wow! Looks like you’re all having a good time — and a feast! What a wonderful surprise from your feline family.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Thank you so much for inviting us to your party! We almost forgot, but Sassy and Karl reminded us that you guys are living in the future (it is only Tuesday here). Everything is just puuuurfect: the food, the drinks and we really LOVE the music.

    Wishing your Daddy a very happy birthday! May all his wishes come true.

    Tanti, tanti, tanti auguri! Buon Compleanno!

    Kitty kisses from Italy,
    Opus and Roscoe

  7. Happy Birfday to youw Daddi!!!!!!!
    Thank you fow inviting me..what a spectacoolaw feast..I’ve aweady had some tandoowi chicken, and some shwimp nd lots of dwinkables..Oh evewything is so delicious..I love youw Dad’s birfday cake!!! and the moosic by cat king Cole is supewb..vewy womantic…I toast to youw good health!
    smoochie kisses

  8. Wow thank you so much for inviting us to this PAWSOME party!!!!

    Please tell your Daddy Happy Birthday for us.

    The food is delicious. Y’all did a GREAT job.

    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  9. Thank you fow this yuumie food..whewe is evewyone???I bet they got the times mixed up hwhehehehehe,
    That’s OK mowe yummies fow us, ehehehe
    You catses awe vewy pwetty and so hospitable..
    I hope youw Daddi is having a vewy Gweat time..the sunset by the watew is sooo pwetty
    I think I’m going to go twy the seafood pasta now..yummm
    smoochie kisses

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Is that a real surprise or not? I can’t see how your daddy could be oblivious to all the cooking activities in the house. What a sumptious feast! SS and I are going to made piglets of ourselves. Yes I know it’s only 5.30am your time, but we are always at parties early.

    PS will you adopt SS and me??? We only ever get cold cuts and cheese as “feasts” at our place. I will even let you change my name to Jomo.

  11. Momo tells me the party has started. So, guess what? I’m here!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to your daddy! Hope there are many, many more to come. We’ll be back next year. Same time, same day!

    Hey, great food. Yummo!!!! Diet? What diet??? What vet??? Overweight?? Me??? No way, Jose! Oh well, not much anyway.

    If you are going to adopt Momo, please consider me as well. She at least gets cold cuts and cheese; I get nothing except cat food.

  12. We’d like to compliment the cooks on this sumptuous spread. The food is all so delicious. We hope you don’t mind that Buddy and Samaritan have huge appetites. But then many woofies do. We felines have daintier appetites. We just take a pinch here and a pinch there.

    Percy: Hey, will someone help me carry this plate? I seem to have sprained a paw trying to lift it?

    Cameron: Sorry, I need both front paws to lift my own.

    Samaritan: Here, I’ll help you. Would someone climb on a chair and balance Percy’s plate on my head so I can carry it for him?

  13. Happy Birthday for your Dad!!!! What a party – we are all drooooooling with anticipation of the glorious food….. Will we be able to teleport back? Or will we be too heavy – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Let’s EAT!!!! And later I would assume we will be dancing a bit….?
    And games for the kids? NO, Emil, absolutely NOT, we will NOT have another burping contest!!!!!
    Oh my – he is running off – I hope he is not inviting Dorydoo to start a burping contest…. that wold be a VERY bad example for Janice, Jayson, Justin and Jeremy….
    Uncle Karl

  14. Such a lovely party! Don’t you think Cat King Cole and I made a wonderful recording? We sang it special for your birthday. I am heading back for a little more food feeling just a tad bit hungry again.
    Sassy & The Executives


    what a wonderful buffay!!! Fank you for inviting us!!
    Sammy, Miles and Billy

  16. Happy Birthday to daddy Criz!!! 🙂
    What a wonderful party, great friends and delicious food!! I wonder if I still fit in my wedding suit after today…hahahahahahaha.

  17. Oh wowie, what a superduper pawtay! I’m gonna try some of efurrything. Happy Burfday to yur Daddy! I hope he has a superduper day.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  18. A burping contest? Did I hear something about a burping contest?

    GRIN!!!!! Emil is here! Let the burps begin!

    Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

  19. Wow
    I had no idea Samawitan had such incwedible balnce..that is a hooge plattew,,I just stay by the table and keep making a piggy of myself. but if thewe is dancing latew, maybe someone will ask me and I can wowk off the calowies
    smoochie kisses

  20. (Dorydoo, little sister, whatever am I going to do with you… *sigh*

    You ought to at least eat or drink something before you start burping.)

    Happy Birthday, Criz Cats Daddy! I hope you’re having a lovely day. And the feast looks fabulous!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  21. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is fabulous.

    And everything looks so delicious. Thank you for inviting us Ballicai!

    Rumbly purrs and floofy headbonks from Brainball.

  22. Wowie zowie!!!!!!! This party and the food is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The J Family sure did a great job of surprising you 🙂
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRIZ!!!!!!!!! <3
    I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey”Det.Harry Moe”
    and Georgia and Tillie

  23. I hope everycat enjoyed the Cole Cats!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was such fun ,right Sassy ?
    Purrs Mickey “Cat King Cole”

  24. Hi efurryone! Hi Marilyn! Hi Burpydoo! Hi Brainball and Mao Mao!

    Hey, that was some great singing Mickey!

    If I keep eating this glorious food, I will explode and drown all the burps.

    SS – Don’t be gross, Momo! Please behave yourself. I don’t ever see Marilyn making comments like these.

    Momo – Why do I have to bring SS with me? She cramps my style.

  25. BURPYDOO!!!! hee hee hee hee Hiya, Momo! I love that!

    You’re looking gorgeous, girlfriend!

  26. Asta, Carrying a plate of food on his head is just one of the things Samaritan can do well. He could probably crack coconuts on it, he’s that strong.

    Sassy, that was a wonderful recording you and cat king cole made of Criz’s happy birthday song. Why not play it again and let all the newcomers sing along too?

  27. My winter coat, Burpydoo! No one knows how much weight I put on with this getup.

  28. Momo! *kiss, kiss* Yes, a winter coat can be handy, can’t it? *smile*! It’s Springtime for us Ballicai, and you wouldn’t believe how much we are shedding!

  29. Oh yes, I would, Marilyn! In spring I shed so much that SS says that she she knows how to spin she couldmake a whole cardigan out of my fur. And there are 4 of you!

  30. Between the four of us and what we shed, Mom could make enough sweaters for an army!

  31. Hahahahaha! You have changed your profile name!!!! Hey, you should use this whenever you go to parties, champ!

  32. *sings*

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to Criz…..
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    *Hope I didn’t crack any windows*


  33. Oah My Oah My Oah My!!!!!!
    This party is so so huge!!!!!!!!
    Criz, you are working too hard!!!!
    I think I will ask Michico see if I could clean the dishes with you~~~~
    This is a very great party~!!!!!! I am drooling now~~~~ Play first, clean less~~~~~

    Thanks for invite for the party!!!!

  34. Don’t worry – we’ll all help cleaning up later. Especially those kitties with bushy tails.

  35. woof’s criz cats, nice to meet ya, jans funny farm saided it wuz ok iffin me comed…happy birfday to u daddy, may he has many, many more..all dat food lookies sooo good…me had sum liztinis when me went to da pawty last week…fank u fur lettin me join u all..

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  36. Author

    Finally, I can use back the computer. The J Family sure knows how to set terms and conditions 😛 I have to personally reply to everyone here today **sweat**

  37. Author

    daisy: ooo… you are fast but the party will only start 9 hours and 6 minutes from the time you came in. Anyway, there should be more than enough to go around. Thanks for the wishes 🙂

    tt: Hey TT. Thanks for dropping by. You did not bring Shadow and Molly here? Awww…The will sure miss the food.

  38. Author

    jewelgirl: Welcome to the party! Have a bit of everything while you are here.

    sassy kat: hmmmm… I thought the vet put you on strict diet? Haha… you are excused to forgo a day.We shall check on the cholesterol level tomorrow then 😛 Psss… you really enjoyed until you forgot to sign in the guest book? 😛

  39. Author

    jan’s funny farm: Ooooo.. you made it!! Welcome to the party!! Who else you brought here from the farm? hehe…

    Opus&Roscoe: Grazie per i vostri desideri <--- did I get this right? Haha. Anyway, thanks for the wishes. You can always enjoy the food now and come back in the future for the second round 😛

  40. Author

    asta: Hugzzz… I’m glad you can make it to the party. You forgot to bring your date here? 😛

    alasandra: Thanks for coming in Socks, Scylla and Charybdis. Did Charybdis ate too much and kept looking at the sky for more food? Hmm… I should have served some candy floss too 😛

  41. Author

    cheysuli: aikss.. I forgot to invite gemini.. OMG… I’m such a blur case with the fun I’m having now.. haha

    momo: Hey… How would I know what happened out there? I was time locked in a room with crackers, milk and cable TV. Gosh… they even shovel some sand into a gigantic flower pot and left at a corner… **sweat**

  42. Author

    charlotte: Diet is not in my dictionary. You mean D.I.E.T.? Dig In, Eat Thoughtlessly? 😛

    JFF: Mama Jess said thanks for the compliment 😛
    Percy & Cameron: Here’s a trolly and some physiotheraphy lotion 🙂
    Samaritan: Do you need a turban? I can always get one for you 😛

  43. Author

    Karl: OMG.. Burping Contest? Uncle Karl is so dis… What’s the word Daddy? Hmmm… disoriented with that much Lizquila? 😛

    sassy kat: you sure have a good voice 🙂

  44. Author

    Sammy, Miles and Billy: Welcome… welcome… enjoy yourself with the food around.

    Ruis: I wondered if anyone else can fit into their clothes too. Psss… do keep an eye on Karl from falling off the cliff… he had one glass too many of Lizquila. 😛

  45. Gosh y’all have so much food here we are STUFFED.

    It is very pretty here and we are having a terrific time. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis.

  46. Author

    chairman mao: dive in and eat like there’s no tomorrow as tomorrow’s food would be that boring cat food again 😛

    dorydoo: What? You all seriously want to have the contest? Kids… go get some more food from the kitchen. 😛

  47. Author

    asta: errr… I guessed all the beans will have a tough time trimming you guys after the party.. hehe

    Marilyn MonREOW: you sure dorydoo is your little sister? Gosh.. you two sure look different 😛

  48. Author

    Ballicai: Thanks. Don’t worry about cholesterol today. You can afford to pump up the body more.. haha

    mickey: Awww… my cat “king” cole finally said something. It’s great to be the “king” of the day you know? 🙂

  49. Author

    momo: it looked like everyone is enjoying themselves happily. Hmmm… I wonder what other songs can the cole cats sing? 😛

    burpydoo: Wait! are you the identical twin of dorydoo? Both of you have the same style in burping 😛

    Zippy, Sadie and Speedy: Thanks for dropping by. Do enjoy the food. 🙂

  50. Author

    Hey… we have a bean in the house. Should we get her to serve us too? hehe 😛

    napaboaniya: thanks for coming all the way over from Singapore. you are destined to serve us all now.. hehe 😛

    adan * michico: Thanks for the wishes and help. I’m sure more beans to help out to wash the dishes would be good. Hmm… why didn’t I think of getting paper plates earlier? Michico should know the best supplier for that right? **blink blink** here lego lego… haha

    and again
    that was me, Emil!!!!
    Burpydoo – I love it, hahahahahah!!! That is such a good party name for you!!!
    It is so easy to burp with this DELICIOUS food!!!!
    Uncle Ruis – I think ‘Uncle’ Karl can not hold his liqor, hahahahahahahahahahahaha – good thing he has you to lean on!
    Only Mrs. OZ never misbehaves…. I wonder why not????

  52. Author

    momo: bushy tails to help clean up? this sounded real familiar. **staring at Jeremy’s bushy tail**

    lacy: don’t mention about that. everyone is welcome to join in the party. Gosh… Mama Jess did really cook a lot to feed a battalion of army. **sweat**

  53. Author

    the daily echo: Welcome… I love Siberian husky around 🙂

    Socks, Scylla & Charybdis: Nice scenery right? I always love my house to be over looking the sea.that’s only my wish 😛

  54. Good thing you back me up with the timing of the party. Asta and JFF were emailing efurryone to hurry them to the party 5 hours before it was due to start. I told there it was starting at 10am KL time, but they all decided to come anyway. We got Charlotte out of her warm bed to be here.

  55. Nice spot you have here. I would love my house to be overlooking the sea or the beach as well. Only problem is I am just a few tens of million dollars short 😉

  56. Ruis is already here, but we wanted to came over too…


    Hi everyone!!:)

    OMC’s, Karl can’t hold his liquor and want to lean on our brother Ruis, hahahahahahaha — where in the universe found those two each other…

    Hmmm, you also learn something new here… Sassy on a diet, wonder how that comes…..hahahaha.

  57. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not old but wiser!!!!
    congrats and may all your wishes come true! AMEN!

    I want all the food! Now!! Lunch time!

  58. Wow, Emil — that was amazing! And Karl, Marilyn never misbehaves, either. Except once in a while when she shreds the paper towels when Mom and Dad aren’t looking…

    Okay, here goes my burp:

    (nom, nom, nom, glug, glug, glug)




    Oh, and since Brainball has the bushiest tail of us Ballicai, I volunteer him to help with dishes!

  59. You are the best burper around, Burpydoo! I can never burp – there is no competition! You will have to find Emil!

  60. Happy purrday to you, Papa Jonathan! This is one felinetastic party, we are so happy to be part of it! Well done, Mama Jess and kiddos 😀
    *Burp* Oh boy, food glorious food!
    Time to mingle with the other guests and walk off the full tum-tums haha

  61. Dearest Criz! A wonderful birthday to you today! I am so pleased to know you are feeling better and celebrating with your family and friends. I am so honored to be included in the cast of the play you have written! It is my first role:)
    I have never seen such exotic foods ever!! I learned so much and it all looks absolutely divine!
    Where do I start…maybe right here with my beloved Mickey Cole Cat and Ms. Oz. My beautiful sister Marilyn may need some help getting Dorydoo to be more ladylike. It does seen that the burping contest is something most kitties like to get to be a part of:)
    We mature kitties are content to watch the fun and remember the days we played along with them.
    Please enjoy your special day and know we all love you and the J’s!
    Purrrs from your friend Miss Peach Pitt

  62. Happy, happy birthday to your Daddy!

    What a great party with all those friends and this delicious food!! Yummy!

  63. Happy Birthday, Criz! The food all looks fabulous. I am going to try it all. I think I better stick to the green tea to go with it, as I don’t want to dull my tongue and miss out on the flavors. This is quite a crowd and I am having a wonderful time.

  64. Ohh oooh ooooh what a lovely party and what a lovely feast! The gang wanted to wish Daddy C a very happy happy birthday with many happy returns of the day!!!! and fanks for invisting us to this wonderful event!!!! 😀

  65. Author

    Kattenpraat ETC: Ok… now how many member does Ruis have in his family?? I’m really confused now 😛

    jpp papa: eat all you want but would you mind helping to take care of the “kit”s after this?? hehe. Thanks for the wishes Friend 🙂

  66. Author

    burpydoo: aiks…

    marilyn: haha… you are excused. Actually, it was quite fun to see them fooling around 😛

  67. Author

    momo: I’m not sure about that best burper part. Psss… The Thai Buffet was great… was also burping all the way home 😛

    Felix, Garfield & Jawsy: Haha…and I thought I was the only blur case here 😛 It must be something in the food. Must be Karl’s catnips. It may cause hallucination to some… haha.

  68. Author

    Ms Peach: Thanks for the wishes. Thanks for coming. Enjoy yourself with the exotic food. I can assure you they taste better than cat food… hehe 😛 You do not have to worry about the crowd. Let them enjoy themselves to the fullest today 🙂

    Ana: Haha.. I was waiting for Chica & Pumuckl to drop by from Egypt. You better watch out for the cheeky Pumuckl from jumping down the cliff and chasing after the fish… It’s a shark… baby shark .. haha 😛

  69. Author

    karen jo: thanks for dropping by. Do enjoy the food and there are lots of green tea to go around. The guys sure won’t mind you staying away from the hard liquor.. hehe

    irishcoda: Welcome to the party TT&TOT gang. Dive in all the food you want.

  70. Hehe, I better watch out for Chica then. Pumuckl is afraid of water 🙂 Sorry for being late, the timezones, you know 🙂

    We are having such a great time. Thank you all for that fabulous party and the delicious food! 😀

  71. WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one rockin’ party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ‘scuse me,heehee, this food if just so great!!!!!
    So many cool cats here!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  72. Happy Purrthday to your Daddy! You’ve put a huge feast together for his special day! Excuse us while we have a mouthful or two or…sorry, it’s hard to type when we’re reaching for food.

    Thanks for the invitation! You guys put on a great party.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  73. Oh my, it’s morning already and I have to get back to the studio, now did I loose a day over here or gain a day????? I hope I gained a day because I have a lot to do.
    We all had a great time, thanks for having us.
    Sassy & The Executives

  74. Wow! What a feast! I wish I had kitties to prepare me such meals everyday! Of course then I’d be round as Humpty Dumpty only less breakable, perhaps even a little bouncy! Haha!

    Happy Birthday Criz! *huggies*

    Lotsa Luff

  75. “Wow” what a feast everything looks so delicious.I hope your dad has a very Happy Birthday 🙂

  76. It’s nice to meet such a great group of kitties. Wow, what a party! Thanks very much for inviting us. We’ll have to visit more often! Niptini, anyone?

    ~Tybalt, Holly, and Ivy

  77. Oh my so may guests!!
    Good to see you all friends!

    Mmmmmhh and all those fooods Yuuuuuummmmy! *drool*

    Happy Birthday Daddie Criz!

    Oh I see my love Holly over there – Darling I am coming – Kashim

    Thanks for inviting us! We already love the party!

    Kashim & Othello

  78. A big happy birthday wave from Australia from Leslie and Pyewacket and Trixie and from Tigger the FBI cat. 🙂

  79. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Birthday Criz and many, many moooooooore!!!!!
    Thanks for inviting us to this great party!! The food is delicious and it is so nice to see everyone!! Your family is so cool to throw this surprise party for you!!
    Your FL furiends,

  80. I don’t know how you did it but you did. Working hard of CCSI III and throwing a surprise party for your dad. Wow.
    You have gone way above and beyond the call of duty making your part be the best is can be. Big weekend coming up with the premier showing of CCSI III. Great working with you.
    Sassy, Momo, Karl, Ruis, Opus & Roscoe

  81. Looks like you guys threw an awesome party. So sorry I haven’t been blogging or visiting and missed it Criz. We have been in tornado and storm weather and I haven’t had internet service much since last week. I’ve done a quick post and gotten back off.

    I am sending you belated birthday wishes now. I hope this is a wonderful year for you. I know it will be, you are talented and very special!

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