I thought I could have more time to rest but things did not work out as I would have expected. Instead of some good and peaceful night sleep daily, I would be waken up at 6.00am punctually every morning, only to meet the demands of a few hungry creatures in the house… you should know who right? Once waken up so abruptly, I would be like a zombie, moving around the house light a robot, cleaning up the mess of fallen tissue box, scattered rubbish, unexpected “bombs” and also finding my lost fridge piggy magnet note holders. Hmmm… where is my shaver now? It’s not in place too…

With all the daily chores, I still get complaints. It’s not one complaint but from all the nine gremlins in the house. Why?





I think it’s time I send them to the Outward Bound School to be more discipline and at the same time know their sense of time. LOL!


  1. Well, I am glad all the mechanics have checked out your car to ensure all is safe!

  2. Hahah…can’t you lock your door? There will be no problems to wake up at 6am if you sleep damn early everyday ^^”

  3. We are furry happy that your car is safe! now the kittehs can all go for a rides!

  4. Ohh Dadda, you should feel honored and pleased that they want to include you!
    They could go about it on their own but they chose to let you haves fun too!!
    I thinks that is very nice and sweet and loving 😉


  5. The stuff claims they can relate only because we are 5 here right now……
    Thank you so much for coming to Ruis birthday party! It wouldn’t have been the same without you!
    Mrs. OZ, Tintin, and Karl

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