This week’s theme is on WHAT IS THAT?
With the J family Kitties around and their wild imaginations,
you would be certain that there would be endless flow
of “WHAT IS THAT?” questions around the house.
Due to an unexpected accident last night,
I’m doing more pictorial this week as my eye
is still painful for staring too long on the screen.






For your information, this is not a cucumber plant.
It may look like one but it is not.
No one knew how it grew on a ruined building walls.

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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. Great take on the theme. The red cucumber is a new one on me although I’ve had them turn yellow if I don’t pick them soon enough. I hope your eyes will be better soon.

  2. OMG! Make my goosebumps appear. What is that?

    What happened to your eyes? Stole a peep at girls bathing? hehehe…

  3. Aliens got to you guys too? Noooooooo we are nots safe any more! I wonder what Tamra Maew would do?

  4. Beautiful capture with your wild kitty! And the cucumber makes me think to my tomatoes in the garden wich are green now and will bekome red in a few days! Oh! I know these insects!

  5. Wah!!! SO early today arh? Thought I had to “knock knock” you before you post 😛

    What are those creepy crawlies, looking at them make my nose itch somehow …*gulpz*

  6. Good Photos… If that last thing is not a cucumber .. what is it? Hope your eye feels better soon… made mine hurt to look at yours..

  7. what ever that plant it, that “cucumber” thingy sure looks tempting…hehehe

    and what is that on the plant??..some kind of a bug??

    Pearl – happy weekend!

  8. Ah oh…we missed the topic…but…..What is that? Christmas in July!!!! ha ha ha…ah what do ya want from street cats! Setzer & the Cat Street Boyz

  9. Told you don’t peep too much while fishing, you don’t want to listen.. see see peep some more.

    Yes, those stuffs are strange…

  10. I had to say what are those thingies clinging on the leaves. Goosebumps, major. 😀

  11. More questions than answers… the stuff on stems are particularly puzzling!

  12. Hmmmmmm, what IS that? And the photo below with the eye ball. Creepy. LOL

    My photo hunt this week is a sequence of photos as I open a purchase I made at Michael’s Crafts shop. Can you guess what they are before I reveal them?

    Come by if you can find time!! Have a super weekend.

  13. What is the not a cucumber plant?

    We had some yellow cucumbers, the beans left them on the vine to long. ~Socks, S & C

  14. What, these are very curious shots. What is this plant?

  15. How is your eye doing? Very creative post! How are the babies??? Please send Mommy some pictures!!! She is not feeling well and baby pictures always help!

  16. These are great for The Hunt. Really fit the theme. Sure had me wondering, “what in the world?”

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