I thought I had enough of rest for the week but it ended up with more things to worry about. Now I have to protect the twins from being abused by their elder brothers. I do not know how long this incident has been happening and how could Mama Jessica allow this? Isn’t the growing up of the twins more important now? The next time I see this incident again, I might have to cane the boys. It should not become a habit in this family since they should be independent by now. This was what happened during the weekends.





Now I’m contemplating if I should cane them. After all, it was Mama Jessica’s willingness and undying love to feed them her extras. Which mother won’t sacrifice to ensure the growing up of their kids? Now, there were only two “pre-adults” doing that. What will happen when the four of them as well as the twins were still depending on her milk? I think she will need the rest from all the mother’s duties. Hey Kids! Give your Mama a break!!!



  1. Poor mama I know she has to be worn out between the new babies and the older ones thinking they are babies!

  2. Wow, that’s really weird! I’ve never seen that happen before.

  3. Well, as long as mom has milk for the babies, we think it is okay for the other to occasionally have a milk snack. But the kittens should definitely have priority! They need their mom’s milk!

  4. Oh, Mommy is laughing so hard! This is just so funny!!! Justin….that milk is for the babies and you ARE NOT A BABY!! Criz…don’t cane them! But I think you are going to have to be the Milk Police!

    Oh, Mommy is still laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heeheehee,Justin ,you silly boy. Just be sure to let the little ones have their fill first!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  6. hehe Mommy Bean hadded older kittys that used to steal milks from Mama kittys too. The mama kittys usually told the bigger kittys off when she haded enough of them stealins the baby milk.

  7. Dat is silly, but mom sez dat boys (human and cat) never really grow up. We think dat mom will smack him when she’s had enuff of him.

  8. we fail to see the problem with this – Justin, if it’s there it’s for the taking right? – Sammy and Miles and Billy

    Editor (Mommy’s) Note: the opinions of the Meezers and Gingersnap are not necessarily the opinion of the Mom. Justin, you’re not a baby honey – let the twins nurse you silly boy!

  9. woah..therer is something rather odd about this state of affairs! I think its absolutely hilarious but someone needs to tell the big boy that he’s a big boy now! Maybe you could try weaning him onto guinness now that he is bigger?

    So funny! xx

  10. Yup, those sure are momma’s boys!
    No caning, but maybe some segregating is in order!
    The Purries from Purrchance To Dream
    and Not The Mama, too!

  11. Hahaha. Luckily Mama Jessica makes as much milk as they’re asking.

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