This week’s theme is on SUPPORT.
To me, life won’t be meaningful if
don’t exist in this world.

Just look at the J Family kitties.
They look healthy, strong and active with me
providing them with the necessary FOOD SUPPORT.


With a healthy and comfortable lifestyle in the family,
Mama Jessica was able to provide the best
LIFE SUPPORT to the newborn twins, Jimmy and Joey.


What about when anyone in the J Family got sick?
Just like the case of Janice after she had her operation.
I was there to give her endless of MORAL SUPPORT.


Sometimes, I will sit back and look at all the J Kitties.
They are so fortunate to have me around
to SUPPORT all their needs and wants.
What about those poor souls out there?
Are there so fortunate to get the SUPPORT ever
to at least live a better life in the future?
Maybe yes, maybe no,
depending on the SUPPORT they are fated to have.
Their lives depend on your SUPPORT!!

Here are some of the other SUPPORTS that I have
done for the animal community within my neighborhood,
together with the help of a few great SUPPORTERS
in the blogosphere from all over the world.
All I can say to you all is…




For those members, please click Mister Linky above and enter your information for easy tracking.
Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


  1. What an excellent post for SUPPORT!!!
    There is certainly many kinds of SUPPORT there 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  2. this is a touching piece.. if cats and dogs need moral support, how much do the homo sapiens need it?


  3. I wonder how long you took to snap that very first J family portrait!! *lol*
    The post operation picture is sweet!

  4. Wonderful choices for support, very touching. Great work you are doing.

  5. Now, have you kept all those cats since they were babies? I see you have two new ones too. Wow,… they have the best support in the world when it comes to their master. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. They’re all such sweet photos, but I truly melted viewing the ‘life support for the twins’.

    My Photo Hunt is posted. Stop by if you can, would love to have you visit with me. Have a great weekend.

  7. That’s what I call full support! Very well done!
    Cheers, Klaus

  8. Criz…just wanted you to know that I know how much love and support that you give everyday! You are an amazing person! You let me know if you need support! You will always have moral support from me!

    Kisses to all the J’s!

    Love, Deb

  9. they are full of joy and comfort. a lovely post this is 😉

    Pearl – happy weekend and have a relaxing Sunday!

  10. Furry true, without beans support us furrys would be lost.

  11. Your love for cats must be endles.
    Those are fabulous photos and my favorite is the twins.

  12. Cats and dogs really depend on much love and support from their family. I am glad the J family has you!

  13. What a great post for “support” ~
    you’re such a warm-hearted person,
    honored to know you!

  14. The J Family is a great example of various kinds of support! We love the pictures.

    Mindy & Moe

  15. Wow. That’s a lot of support!

    Hope all of Criz Cats Sanctuary are recovered from their various health issues.

  16. Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!!!
    It really made my day awesome 🙂
    You are such a great friend to cats everywhere:)!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  17. As always a beautiful representation of support with your sweet kits, all of them. Lots of happy well loved kits

  18. What a sweet post for “support” !! I am back from Italy and am offended because apparently I wasn’t missed very much ! The twins changed so much in these two weeks, I just looked at all the pictures in your posts ! Now with your extended cat family you are certainly never bored !

  19. We had to come back and look at the post again! IT IS ONE OF THE BEST EVER!!! Mommy just LOVES the picture of LIFE SUPPORT!!!

    Kisses to all the J’s!

  20. Blessings… you do so much for so many, and make the world a better place with your support.

  21. You certainly give great support to the J family and to the other furries. They are so fortunate to have you looking after them. Nose kisses and huggies to all the kitties and especially the twins and Panther. How is the brave one doing?

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