UPDATE: 11.35pm

Jayson is still not back for his dinner or supper. I’m getting real worried now. Where could he have gone to? Obviously he was not the type that would break out and never come home for any of his meals. Haizz…


I was to write a post today but things turned out badly to spoil my mood. Jayson went missing right within the house itself. I have search the whole place thoroughly but he was no where to be found. This has never happen before as he was always punctual for his meals even if I were to allow him outside the house for a stroll. Just barely 11 hours ago, he was still playing with Janice and Justin. Where could he be now? He is still under medication and he has missed it this time. I’m real worried!


Note: I tend to get quite stressed up and emotional when things like this happen. Please do excuse my rambling.


  1. We hope you find Jayson soon. We are very good hiders and sometimes hide when it is time for unpleasant activities like medicine or baths. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  2. We hope you find him soon. I like to sleep under the covers and mum knows I am there because she can see the mound in the bed. Once I went between the pillows under the covers and mum couldn’t see any mound. She went frantic looking for me, and I came out about two hours later wondering what all the fuss was about.

  3. I purr for Jayson to be found!!!!!
    I hope he is OK.
    Purrs Mickey

  4. Oh gosh, we will come holler for Jayson to come out of hiding!


  5. Do you knows if he got out?

    Perhaps he found a real good hiding spot, in a box or a closet where it’s dark?

    Keep calling him and perhaps shaking some of his favorite treats may entice hims to come home!

  6. Jan gets very upset when one of us finds a really good hiding place and she can’t find it. We hope you will find Jason soon.

  7. I hope Jayson comes home soon. Maybe he’s just having so much fun outside that he lost track of the time. He’ll come home when he’s hungry!

  8. Where could Jayson be hiding? I hope he didn’t get stuck somewhere. I hope you find him really soon.

  9. We’re purring hard for Jayson to come out from wherever he’s been hiding – hang in there Criz, lots of kitties in the blogosphere are purring for Jayson…

    love and purrs

    Gypsy & Tasha

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